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BixPack 33 | City Lights

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 13 comments

The latest template pack explores the power of the new Interiormap effect. This effect turns simple models... Read Article

The interiormap effect

Dani | a month ago | 8 comments

Hi Michiel when can we expect this ...looks interesting... we missed it on BT birthday party.. Dani.. Read Article

Blufftitler 16 th Anniversary

Dani | a month ago | 13 comments

I fallen love with BT... What an amazing journey with BT is just amazing... i always... Read Article

BT Beauty...

Dani | a month ago | 11 comments

Fun time with BT... Read Article

Wedding gift Box

Dani | 2 months ago | 11 comments

I love wedding shows... Read Article

BT laser

Dani | 2 months ago | 15 comments

( : funtime.. Read Article

"Characters" to 3D Model...

Dani | 2 months ago | 2 comments

Like Eps ..can it possible to have "Characters " property duplicate more ..Just an idea... Read Article


Dani | 2 months ago | 13 comments

Interior effect inspiration Read Article

Great Pyramids...

Dani | 6 months ago | 10 comments

BT travelling all over the BT visited Egypt... Read Article

How many of you read the USER GUIDE ...

Dani | 6 months ago | 28 comments

You can share your experience ...for to me it is very useful.... Read Article

Text Opener

Dani | 6 months ago | 13 comments

I love titling Read Article

Text Cutting...

Dani | 6 months ago | 5 comments

(: Read Article


Dani | 6 months ago | 8 comments

(: text cracks and explosion are interesting elements... Read Article

Exlosion 2

Dani | 6 months ago | 9 comments

Komies article inspiration.. still it's need a lot to get perfection ,, when we apply upcoming... Read Article

Text Explosion ...Komies ( Alex) article...inspiration..

Dani | 6 months ago | 8 comments

This is just a test show.....but as said by Alex ( Komies) yes if BT could get this amazing shattered... Read Article

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Thor5ten: Thank you all. 7 minutes ago

michiel: Great style! 12 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic Ulli! :) 16 minutes ago

komies: Very good, Ulli I like how you use the transparant... 36 minutes ago

vincent: Well done Ulli, great textures rendering. an hour ago

chaver: Thank you very much Ulli an hour ago

Filip: Nice it's just like a dolls house! an hour ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks !! an hour ago

Franco Aversa: Very nice rooms an hour ago

Ulli: Great alien sphere, Filip! 2 hours ago

Ulli: Very well done, Thor5ten. 2 hours ago

Ulli: Another great song and a great presentation Chaver! 2 hours ago

SMSgtRod: do they ever meet a friendly and peace loving entity?... 5 hours ago

michiel: Well spotted. This slider does nothing. It will be... 9 hours ago

vincent: ok michiel, this effect is not very easy to understand... 9 hours ago

michiel: The FX INTERIOR PATTERN props are parameters for the... 9 hours ago

Filip: THnx all. @Komies a little parsec closer. 10 hours ago

vincent: we must get lost in the hallways. 10 hours ago

vincent: Yes Alex. 10 hours ago

maggico: Merci Michiel 10 hours ago

komies: Very good, Filip Next time maybe a little bit... 18 hours ago

komies: Nice, Vincent Colourmap as texture with greenscreen... 18 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien 19 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien 19 hours ago

vincent: Here an other test, Alex you are right a nice lady... 22 hours ago

vincent: Nice work Thor5ten ! 23 hours ago

Thor5ten: Thanks, Komies! No, Captain's Chair used... 23 hours ago

komies: Nice, Thor5ten Are the images from "Star... a day ago

vincent: ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜Š a day ago

chaver: Thank you persiana๐Ÿ˜Š a day ago

SMSgtRod: @chaver..... when you locate what was the issue please... a day ago

persiana: Muy bien Chaver a day ago