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More Birthday Titles!

DeanO | 14 years ago | 10 comments

Jumbled Letters that rearrange slowly to reveal the title. The font is "Action Is" which can... Read Article

Birthday Titles

DeanO | 15 years ago | 5 comments

Here is the show for "Birthday Titles" that can be found under the "External Links"... Read Article

It Came From Outer Space - Intro

DeanO | 15 years ago | 12 comments

Following Michiel's request for the bumpmapped UFO I used in the intro- find it attached. Originally... Read Article

Bumpy Ride Tunnel

DeanO | 16 years ago | 6 comments

Another Tunnel variation. It's based on Tunnel one, but with the texture changed to "Seamless_RockWall"... Read Article

3D Tunnels

DeanO | 16 years ago | 12 comments

3 Examples of some great effects that can be achieved by turning pictures/bump mapped pictures into cylinders... Read Article

Text Pivot Points

DeanO | 16 years ago | 5 comments

Ive recently discovered some interesting text effects by simply adding additional spaces (carriage returns)... Read Article

Motion Backgrounds

DeanO | 16 years ago | 5 comments

I often use Bluff Titler to create "easy on the eye" backgrounds for animated DVD menus or... Read Article

Snow Effect

DeanO | 16 years ago | 6 comments

Following a trip to Prague in February with my Camcorder, I duly put together a movie and decided to... Read Article

More Fireworks

DeanO | 16 years ago | 4 comments

A special effect I made for an introduction to a birthday video a while ago. With careful planning this... Read Article

I Dream of Titling...

DeanO | 16 years ago | 14 comments

... originally titles for one of my movies (that I never made!) Now reworked general consumption.... Read Article

Plane Transition

DeanO | 16 years ago | 10 comments

Here's an animation I created as a transition for "world tour" videos!!! Save to C:\Deano... Read Article


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vincent: Great clip Decentralized, big work! an hour ago

liuyongcai: GREAT show, Decentralized !!! an hour ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic video Decentralized! an hour ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! an hour ago

michiel: Great mashup of Halloween models! I like the waving... an hour ago

michiel: Thank you LB for making me feel like a movie director... 2 hours ago

michiel: Wow! The character animation, scenery and camerawork... 2 hours ago

Decentralized: Good story line, Lost. Chainsaw scared'em good. 2 hours ago

Decentralized: wow, super awesome. Well done, Filip. spooky 2 hours ago

Decentralized: Good test and movement 2 hours ago

vincent: A very strange ambience. Well done. 3 hours ago

vincent: Great scene, Michiel for story + LB as film director... 4 hours ago

Filip: Wow, scary and love the way the boy moves. Did he get... 4 hours ago

liuyongcai: GREAT show LB !!! 5 hours ago

LostBoyz: Very cool and funny Filip! :) 5 hours ago

gato@mo: Saludos cordiales a todos 6 hours ago

Filip: Swinging, love the silver surfer. 7 hours ago

Filip: Love it. Monkey dance! 7 hours ago

chaver: Nice 10 hours ago

vincent: Nice danse show Gaby. 11 hours ago

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