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Version 16 has been launched!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 35 comments

The big new feature of version 16 is animated 3D models. The videos that beta testers have posted in... Read Article


Decentralized | 2 weeks ago | 8 comments

The creature is cool because it has a lot of controllable parts, which is good for container targeting... Read Article

Back Alley Adventures

Decentralized | 2 weeks ago | 11 comments

Fun, fun, fun. Interesting photogrammetry Freeman Alley in New York City's Lower East Side Read Article

Tread Lightly

Decentralized | 2 weeks ago | 8 comments

An experiment in making a long sidewalk in a container and moving that, while leaving the model walking... Read Article

Press R To Continue

Decentralized | 3 weeks ago | 8 comments

As I'm sure everyone has realized by now that you can still move GLB models around even if they're... Read Article

Happy Halloween

Decentralized | 3 weeks ago | 12 comments

Sun is not up yet here in Las Vegas, it's Halloween night! Happy Halloween Read Article

Sage of Erudition

Decentralized | a month ago | 11 comments

Has a slight jerk when switching speeds, I need more practice on that getting it lined up just right... Read Article

Cotton Candy & Blue Sox

Decentralized | a month ago | 13 comments

At one point I had people in each seat of the roller coaster. But what happened was while fitting them... Read Article

Possibly Maybe

Decentralized | a month ago | 10 comments

This looked better in my mind. Head shot scans on an invisible walking man connected by joint points.... Read Article

The Wonderful World of V16

Decentralized | a month ago | 15 comments

It was a little tricky to get that butterfly attached just right, but it worked. Read Article

News of the World BluffTitler V16

Decentralized | a month ago | 5 comments

Really cool glb model of Queen's "News of the World" album cover. The model needs some... Read Article

Experimenting With Speed (made with BluffTiler V16 beta)

Decentralized | a month ago | 10 comments

These two GLB files have different animation speeds. The tunnel starts off slow and speeds up. While... Read Article

Gone Fishing (V16 Beta)

Decentralized | a month ago | 8 comments

Container attached to models' joint experiment. Video largely inspired by the BT community. If you... Read Article

Spook Island (Blufftitler V16 beta)

Decentralized | a month ago | 7 comments

Found some weird stuff in sketchfab. Did this music myself so I don't have to worry about copyrights.... Read Article

3D Auto Talking Model (made with BluffTiler V16 beta)

Decentralized | a month ago | 9 comments

I was able to do automatic talking in this quick test by following Michiel's instructions here:... Read Article

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Filip: Wow, great love the whole atmosphere. Happy this is... 6 minutes ago

Filip: Thnx all. Michiel resolution improved. 14 minutes ago

Kauzito: Glow is a wonderful parameter! an hour ago

Kauzito: How did you create the smoke? an hour ago

vincent: Thank you all. an hour ago

vincent: A real movie scene, great! 2 hours ago

terrypin: Thanks Michiel. That was easy in this case, with only... 2 hours ago

michiel: The colours and camera work is amazing. The shadow... 3 hours ago

michiel: What a joy to see all the different kind of robots:... 3 hours ago

michiel: Thank you Filip. That's a nice match, love the... 3 hours ago

michiel: Gabriel, do you agree that the original on Sketchfab... 3 hours ago

lightads: Bloody nice show. 5 hours ago

gato@mo: Thank You LostBoys Eso no lo sabia Muchas gracias 5 hours ago

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LostBoyz: gato@mo, You can also make the t pose here (mixamo) 5 hours ago

Decentralized: Incredibly cute video, well done Vincent 7 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 8 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 8 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 8 hours ago

gato@mo: Michiel, Use cinema4D para ponerlo en forma de ¨T¨... 10 hours ago

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