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copy/paste keys?

Dick | 9 years ago | 15 comments

Can a group of keys be copied and then pasted as a new layer at a different time position? I want to... Read Article

always open shows with tool window showing?

Dick | 9 years ago | 5 comments

Is there a way to do this? Read Article

Are file icons possible?

Dick | 10 years ago | 2 comments

Michiel, great work on the new BixPack. While investigating all the new files, it came to mind that it... Read Article

How to get ReflectiveFloor_ReflectionMap_Additive.fx

Dick | 11 years ago | 2 comments

I don't have ReflectiveFloor_ReflectionMap_Additive.fx on my machine -- how can I get it?? Read Article

display screen size

Dick | 11 years ago | 1 comment

Is there any way to re-size the main display panel and for it to maintain that size as different shows... Read Article

copying multiple keys

Dick | 11 years ago | 6 comments

Is there a way to select several keys from one text layer and paste them into another text layer? Then,... Read Article

How can I tell what is going to be transparent?

Dick | 11 years ago | 4 comments

I can't seem to produce a movie with transparent background -- it always turns out black. If I had... Read Article

Music Video

Dick | 11 years ago | 1 comment

I was going to make a music video, but read that only visuals are exported in AVI. Is there any way to... Read Article

falling characters

Dick | 12 years ago | 6 comments

I would like to know how I could have several words in a straight line (normal text) and then have the... Read Article

play show, browse show, etc

Dick | 12 years ago | 3 comments

When I play or save a show from this site, it comes up with a menu of items: play show, browse shows,... Read Article

Hesitation in looping

Dick | 12 years ago | 5 comments

I notice a slight hesitation during looping every time the movie passes zero time. Is this normal? Is... Read Article

Why are the AVI movies so large?

Dick | 12 years ago | 9 comments

When I save a 10 second movie the AVI is about 140Mb: why so large? If I convert it to WMV it is only... Read Article


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liuyongcai: Thanks LostBoyz 6 hours ago

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Filip: Nice snakebite! 10 hours ago

Filip: Thnx Michiel (for the tip) and Vincent. Now with the... 11 hours ago

michiel: Interesting. Why don't you share some of your... 13 hours ago

ARMABIT: Yes it is a good option but it applies only to texts... 14 hours ago

vincent: Nice banner! 15 hours ago

Thor5ten: Super great news! Thanks a lot, Michiel. If there would... 15 hours ago

michiel: Yes, that's a true 3D shape! Maybe adding shadows... 19 hours ago

michiel: Thank you for your request. Notice that the text layer... 20 hours ago

Filip: 1. Use the "String" in the 1st layer style... a day ago

Filip: Thnx Jose Luis, love to share. a day ago

JOSE LUIS: Gran noticia. Un magnífico potencial para Blufftitler. a day ago

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Filip: Thnx Vincent and Ulli. a day ago

Filip: Thnx Vincent and Ulli! a day ago

SamSaam: thanks Michiel for adding .OBJ FORMAT too, but I meant... a day ago

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Ulli: A dream come true! I have a lot of purchased 3D items... a day ago

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Ulli: Very good idea and thank you for sharing, Filip! a day ago

Ulli: Great, I like it! a day ago

chaver: Great Michiel a day ago

vincent: Michiel, it's a very good surprise! a day ago

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chaver: Thanks Vicent and Filip.Filip it is bluff text effect... a day ago

vincent: Nice, good mirror effect. 2 days ago

vincent: Multiple sketchs in container is a good alternative 2 days ago

vincent: Nicely done 2 days ago

Filip: Nice, but it is more music and less BluffTitler. 2 days ago

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