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la dimension du cylindre (size)

Eddy | 4 months ago | 4 comments

Je mets 5 photos de 720 x1080 et je les transforme en 5 cylindres. Mais je ne trouve pas les bonnes spécifications... Read Article

How to do an egg with images from painted eggs made with artists

Eddy | 2 years ago | 2 comments

These eggs are in a central mail in Quebec City, Made by artists. Eggs are in a static position. May... Read Article

Videowall sphere

Eddy | 11 years ago | 1 comment

I wonder how it's done. I don't able to do with the easy version, don't I ? Thanks for... Read Article

Warner Brothers logo

Eddy | 14 years ago | 1 comment

Hi, How to change the letters BT in the logo (eps). And what is the name of the font used. And how to... Read Article

picture effect cube 1 with 6 pict.

Eddy | 14 years ago | 2 comments

In the horizontal axis, the 4 pictures are right. In the vertical axis, the picture beside the cube comes... Read Article


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