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8 articles found by Elect1!

Fresh new BixPack 35 promo

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 8 comments

Here's a fresh new BixPack 35 promo! This video explains how you can use the bumper templates... Read Article

Simulated Materials shows/light settings

Elect1 | 10 years ago | 2 comments

Michiel, Are there any presets/shows that simulate plastics, cloth, wood, rocks in the way of how... Read Article

Types of templates

Elect1 | 11 years ago

What kinds of templates are BT users interested in? I.e. bumper and wipe transition templates? Read Article

Virtual Set Show-Template

Elect1 | 11 years ago | 4 comments

I was looking at a new AE tutorial on a website that just released some Design Elements and wanted to... Read Article

What happened to the EA Sports show on the gallery?

Elect1 | 11 years ago | 2 comments

? Read Article

Forum theme fun

Elect1 | 11 years ago | 1 comment

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in posting shows based on an overall theme or certain BT... Read Article

Model Texture Application Questions

Elect1 | 11 years ago | 2 comments

Can anyone tell me why I can't apply a texture to these two bottle models in BT? Even after the... Read Article

Chopped intro

Elect1 | 11 years ago | 5 comments

Just put this together. I need to tweek the text gradient to work better with the particle layer. The... Read Article

BluffTitler Pro version features

Elect1 | 11 years ago | 9 comments

I don't if there is current thread dedicated to this but... What features would you like to see... Read Article


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vincent: Agree with Mike. 36 minutes ago

JCB: Here is a video of the two methods that I used to create... an hour ago

vincent: Again a great thank for all your kind comments. Merci. 2 hours ago

vincent: Thank you, Merci. 2 hours ago

vincent: Thank you very much to All et Merci beaucoup à... 2 hours ago

vincent: Thanks Fi. 2 hours ago

vincent: Thank you maxste and Filip 2 hours ago

Filip: It depends. Delete the plasma layer. But maybe there... 3 hours ago

cheyenne: Toujours au top j'adore tes créations Vincent 4 hours ago

vincent: Right Filip, i'm just adding the comments 5 hours ago

vincent: Gilbert, en ce qui concerne les modèles il y... 5 hours ago

Filip: The last show looks like a picture of Holland.... 6 hours ago

Filip: What an overwhelming set of shows.! 6 hours ago

Filip: You could make a movie with all these shows. 6 hours ago

Filip: Wow it's great love them all. 6 hours ago

Filip: Thx for sharing your show. Love it. 6 hours ago

maggico: Merci Vincent pour cette réponse, ce n'est... 7 hours ago

Filip: Some are very funny. Love your vision on space. 7 hours ago

michiel: Maybe the EPS\Sign show that comes with the installer... 7 hours ago

Filip: Great shows. Love your work 7 hours ago

Filip: What a collection, great work Vincent 7 hours ago

Filip: Wow very colorful. The Borg has new cubes.... 7 hours ago

maxste: Really nice to see the "Harrier" back in... 8 hours ago

vincent: 6 - Bomb with wick 8 hours ago

vincent: 7 - Holiday Postcard. Bix in his country 8 hours ago

vincent: 6 - Tropical Postcard . Png with TurkishMap.cfx and... 8 hours ago

vincent: 5 - Hotel for holidays . A water layer in EPS frame... 8 hours ago

vincent: 4 - Frame 3. Colourmap, with 3D phone with a screen... 8 hours ago

vincent: 3 - Frame 2. Again a colourmap in a frame 8 hours ago

vincent: 2 - Frame 1 . An other colourmap. the most difficult... 8 hours ago

vincent: 5 - Battlefield - Truck 8 hours ago

vincent: 4 - Harrier taking off from an aircraft carrier. 8 hours ago