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Render a 2D into 3D

Eric Sands | 5 days ago | 10 comments

Before I animate this logo, I would like to give it a 3D look. What functions in Bluff would enable me... Read Article

Animate my Logo?

Eric Sands | a week ago | 12 comments

I have a 2D logo, see attached. I'm trying to get it animated into a show to render a 3D "flying... Read Article

Stroked1 Show

Eric Sands | 2 weeks ago | 1 comment

On the Stroked1 show (under the app's TEXT shows), how would I remove the reflective aspect on the... Read Article

Alpha Channel

Eric Sands | 3 weeks ago | 8 comments

I am trying to export a video with a transparency Alpha channel. I'm importing into Adobe Premiere... Read Article

Need Intro sequence

Eric Sands | 11 years ago

Hi all... I am a beginner using this software and have created just a few basic shows using my previoulsy... Read Article

Change text on Sketch Projects?

Eric Sands | 14 years ago | 1 comment

How do I change text for the sketch projects? They seem to contain EPS layers - not a text layer? Read Article

LED Font?

Eric Sands | 14 years ago | 4 comments

I just bought Bluff yesterday...This program is incredibly powerful! One more question... Has anybody... Read Article


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