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FX for Grow Up?

IBMedia | 7 years ago | 3 comments

Is there an FX that can be used in combination with the Writer property to make the letters grow up from... Read Article

Making Text Appear or Disappear

IBMedia | 7 years ago | 5 comments

This is just a simple show which makes text appear and disappear using the TRANSPARENCY setting for the... Read Article

Show View Percentage

IBMedia | 8 years ago | 3 comments

I noticed that for the new LED settings that will be in an upcoming version of BluffTitler, there is... Read Article

BT Uses

IBMedia | 8 years ago | 3 comments

Hi Michiel, You commented in another article ... "Since BluffTitler generated video files are... Read Article

Using a image or icon font

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 1 comment

This is just an example of how you can use a text layer to display various shapes. The first 2 lines... Read Article

Slice and Wipe

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 12 comments

Created using the new SliceAndWipe FX that comes with BixPack7. This new FX makes it easy to create... Read Article

Audio Levels Range

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 3 comments

I was using an audio track which seemed too quiet when exported and so I increased the Volume above 10.... Read Article


IBMedia | 9 years ago | 7 comments

This is just an example of how easily you can use the BT Videowall tool to create a show. This show... Read Article

Re-order layers

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 8 comments

Version 8.4 introduced the option for re-ordering the layers, according to the announcement page. NO... Read Article

Insert Time Button

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 4 comments

I'm using the "Insert Time" button and wishing to have the time insetred ONLY into the... Read Article

Transparency Switch

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 3 comments

Hi Michiel, I have a feature request. Could you add 2 icons to the toolbox window? One for "Hide"... Read Article

Beam Me Up Michiel

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 3 comments

I noticed today that Google had Star Trek as a Doodle, and I know Michiel likes "outerspace"... Read Article

Word-wrap on specific width

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 8 comments

I initially thought that the BOUNDS property of thr text layer would help me do this, but that scales... Read Article

Font Size Changes Text Color

IBMedia | 9 years ago | 2 comments

If you change the FONT SIZE property of the attached show, the color appears to change as soon as the... Read Article

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Filip: Thnx Lightadds and Pat67 23 hours ago

Filip: Nice video Pat67, great textures. 23 hours ago

michiel: You have to differentiate between 2 things: -the order... a day ago

PAT67: Les reflets sur le coeur sont très bien faits a day ago

PAT67: En effet Filip se sont des belles Variation .Merci... a day ago

michiel: Yes, the Filters/SoftBorder efffect is the modern version... 2 days ago

michiel: Maybe the WRITER prop can do what you want. Use the... 2 days ago

lightads: Flexibility is an awesome CFX in Bluffs toolbox. The... 2 days ago

lightads: To answer my own question, I found SoftBorder.CFX that... 2 days ago

persiana: Una buena idea, te quedo bien 2 days ago

persiana: Muy bueno y gracias 2 days ago

persiana: Muy logrado, perfecto 2 days ago

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Alex-Raymond T.: A great idea 🔆! One more, Bravo Filip! 2 days ago

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