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Whitney Houston

IntroChamp | 2 months ago | 6 comments

WHITNEY HOUSTON TRIBUTE I was recently commissioned to create an intro video for the AWARD WINNING, FOREVER... Read Article

hOld On!

IntroChamp | 5 months ago | 15 comments

Still working on my character animation process. Custom characters/animation - created in Character... Read Article

Character Animation Practice

IntroChamp | 5 months ago | 13 comments

This design was an exercise in simple character animation. Animating a character without the aid of motion... Read Article


IntroChamp | 5 months ago | 17 comments

I was so excited about the release of BT16, I was inspired to create this promo! Custom Character/Animation... Read Article

BT16 Beta_Model Joint

IntroChamp | 5 months ago | 8 comments

This design is totally ridiculous! I was so excited to try out the new Model Joint feature in BT16 Beta,... Read Article

The Rock???

IntroChamp | 6 months ago | 13 comments

I was excited to hear about BT16s new character feature! I was inspired by all of the awesome character... Read Article

BixPack 34 - Season's Greetings = Versatile!

IntroChamp | 3 years ago | 12 comments

A quick demonstration showing the ease at which BixPack 34 Shows can be edited. In this specific case,... Read Article

Camera Question

IntroChamp | 3 years ago | 9 comments

I am try to switch between cameras using the active camera property. Only one camera renders. I am not... Read Article

Who wants CoOkiEs aNd MiLk?!

IntroChamp | 3 years ago | 12 comments

I LOVE PLAYING THE WATER LAYER! I started out with the "Chocolate" show from the Blufftitler... Read Article

I MiSs bLuFf!

IntroChamp | 3 years ago | 12 comments

Hello gang! Long time, no see! I recently had a client that needed website banner graphics. I had the... Read Article


IntroChamp | 7 years ago | 5 comments

I would like to share this response that I received from a youtube gamer after he received his video... Read Article

Progress bar request for STBO

IntroChamp | 7 years ago | 4 comments

This post is a response to STBO's request for information about creating a progress bar. See original... Read Article

Sharing My Dog Tag Model

IntroChamp | 7 years ago | 12 comments

See it in action using the link below! Long Live Bluff ¡Viva Bluff Read Article

Static Stars for eugene57

IntroChamp | 7 years ago

This post is a response to eugene57's request regarding static stars. Eugene, I hope this helps... Read Article

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Eddy: Une nouvelle amitié. Bravo LostBolyz 4 hours ago

Decentralized: wow, looks incredible, with such emotions, Well done,... 7 hours ago

Decentralized: Thanks everyone, much appreciated. Lightads, it seems... 8 hours ago

lightads: Awesome show. I'm learning a lot going thru these... 9 hours ago

bambamD: thanks for notice me Mister Michiel, will try it..let... 9 hours ago

nonnogio: Tutto molto bello e poetico. Bravo 10 hours ago

michiel: I think when you export as FBX and use Windows 3D Viewer... 10 hours ago

chaver: Very good LostBoyz 11 hours ago

JohnatSkillsloft: Jaw dropping stuff.. When is the movie due out? ... 12 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Jeep35, vincent, Filip and Michiel! Filip... 12 hours ago

michiel: Great atmosphere and mood, you can feel the love between... 13 hours ago

Filip: Great show, love the camera work 13 hours ago

Filip: Nice, your own cat?? 13 hours ago

vincent: Fantastic show LB. A real movie, and grayscale is always... 14 hours ago

vincent: Very good! Thank you Decentralized. 14 hours ago

Jeep35: Whooooooooooo ! Unbelievable animation ! 14 hours ago

PAT67: Agréablement réalisé 14 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Ulli! 15 hours ago

PAT67: Fantastique course poursuite , sur la ligne d'arrivée... 15 hours ago

PAT67: Bravo pour cette galerie d'exposition futuriste 15 hours ago

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