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Jackson's Ballet

Jeep35 | 2 weeks ago | 10 comments

All characters and animation from Mixamo Read Article

Use of Quixel textures files

Jeep35 | 3 months ago | 6 comments

Quixel provides textures with the following files : • Albedo • AO • Displacement.jpg... Read Article

Duration of a GLB animation

Jeep35 | 4 months ago | 2 comments

If we want to be able to adjust the exact duration of a GLB animation to avoid that it restarts again... Read Article

Water on a planet

Jeep35 | 4 months ago | 11 comments

Perhaps if water layer could be mapped on a sphere, we could add lakes, rivers, ... on a planet like... Read Article

Thanks Dani, here is the cat in nature

Jeep35 | 4 months ago | 2 comments

Upon the idea of Dani, another animation of the cat on a mountain Read Article


Jeep35 | 5 months ago | 9 comments

Macarena, hip hop, breakdance, twist, samba, salsa, ... Characters : Makehuman Animation : Mixamo Read Article

Jeepy praying outside

Jeep35 | 6 months ago | 1 comment

A new mixamo animation transfered to BT with a picture as background Read Article

Samba Dancing

Jeep35 | 6 months ago | 4 comments

Jeepy dancing samba from a mixamo character Read Article

Predefined formats

Jeep35 | 7 months ago | 7 comments

Hi Michiel, Could we imagine to have the ability to add any new predefined format in the list ? Read Article

Juniperus tree from SpeedTree

Jeep35 | 10 months ago | 8 comments

Here is for download a nice juniperus tree made in Speedtree Cinema one of the most exciting software... Read Article

Filter Forge + BluffTitler

Jeep35 | 10 months ago | 12 comments

Here are some jewels we can build using the new Filer Forge 11 which includes diffuse, bump and normal... Read Article

Unicode U+

Jeep35 | a year ago | 1 comment

Hi everyone I'm just trying to enter chess symbols found in the Free serif font with U+ codes. (U+2654... Read Article

DirectX files with animation

Jeep35 | 2 years ago | 17 comments

Hi, is there a way to keep an animation built in a DirectX 3D file in BT ? If not, is it assumed to be... Read Article

Promo show

Jeep35 | 2 years ago | 9 comments

Hi Michiel, Is the promo show made from examples bt files included in the program ? Read Article

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Eddy: Une nouvelle amitié. Bravo LostBolyz 5 hours ago

Decentralized: wow, looks incredible, with such emotions, Well done,... 7 hours ago

Decentralized: Thanks everyone, much appreciated. Lightads, it seems... 8 hours ago

lightads: Awesome show. I'm learning a lot going thru these... 9 hours ago

bambamD: thanks for notice me Mister Michiel, will try it..let... 9 hours ago

nonnogio: Tutto molto bello e poetico. Bravo 10 hours ago

michiel: I think when you export as FBX and use Windows 3D Viewer... 10 hours ago

chaver: Very good LostBoyz 11 hours ago

JohnatSkillsloft: Jaw dropping stuff.. When is the movie due out? ... 12 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Jeep35, vincent, Filip and Michiel! Filip... 12 hours ago

michiel: Great atmosphere and mood, you can feel the love between... 13 hours ago

Filip: Great show, love the camera work 13 hours ago

Filip: Nice, your own cat?? 13 hours ago

vincent: Fantastic show LB. A real movie, and grayscale is always... 14 hours ago

vincent: Very good! Thank you Decentralized. 14 hours ago

Jeep35: Whooooooooooo ! Unbelievable animation ! 14 hours ago

PAT67: Agréablement réalisé 15 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Ulli! 15 hours ago

PAT67: Fantastique course poursuite , sur la ligne d'arrivée... 15 hours ago

PAT67: Bravo pour cette galerie d'exposition futuriste 15 hours ago

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