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Heart - Simple Emoji VJ Loop

JeepNL | 4 years ago | 7 comments

Used BT several years ago for my VJ work, but the last 6 years I was to busy with other (very different)... Read Article


JeepNL | 10 years ago | 8 comments

Intro Created with BluffTitler Only: THE FUTURE STARTS HERE! Vrijdag 28 juni; 'FRIS XXL 2013 in... Read Article

4000 People. Friday July 13th Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam

JeepNL | 11 years ago | 4 comments

It's Friday July 13th, It's the Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam. 4000 People. THE SKY IS THE... Read Article

VJ Loop - BluffTitler: Happy Hour!

JeepNL | 13 years ago

7 sec. Quicktime .mov Photo JPEG 800x600px 50 fps 12MB BluffTitler Test with Peter Selinger's Potrace... Read Article


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liuyongcai: Good build,chaver 52 minutes ago

chaver: Great.Thank you an hour ago

vincent: Cool, the vehicle's swerve is perfect. 3 hours ago

chaver: Great show Lostboyz 4 hours ago

liuyongcai: LostBoyz, your video is private... 5 hours ago

liuyongcai: LostBoyz Very Nice 5 hours ago

chaver: Thank you very much Lostboyz 7 hours ago

LostBoyz: Very Nice chaver! 8 hours ago

mohkamil: I actually divide the body of a cartoon character,... 12 hours ago

Filip: You can create simple animations with Sprites (Filmstrips)... 12 hours ago

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