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Music Awards

LostBoyz | 3 weeks ago | 13 comments

Music Awards Read Article

In memory of Bud Spencer

LostBoyz | a month ago | 9 comments

In memory of Bud Spencer Read Article

YouTube Awards 2019

LostBoyz | a month ago | 12 comments

YouTube Awards 2019 Read Article

Thor (Mjolnir)

LostBoyz | 2 months ago | 7 comments

Thor (Mjolnir) Read Article

Captain America

LostBoyz | 2 months ago | 10 comments

Captain America Read Article

Happy Easter

LostBoyz | 3 months ago | 12 comments

Happy Easter Read Article

FB awards

LostBoyz | 3 months ago | 11 comments

FB awards :) Read Article

Youtube awards

LostBoyz | 3 months ago | 13 comments

Youtube awards :) Read Article

NBA Classic card

LostBoyz | 4 months ago | 6 comments

NBA Classic card Read Article


LostBoyz | 5 months ago | 10 comments

DaysGone :) Read Article

AVENGERS ROOM : Iron Man vol1

LostBoyz | 5 months ago | 7 comments

AVENGERS ROOM : Iron Man vol1 :) Read Article

Iron Man logo

LostBoyz | 5 months ago | 9 comments

Iron Man logo Read Article


LostBoyz | 5 months ago | 16 comments

Neon text :) Read Article

Happy 2019

LostBoyz | 7 months ago | 10 comments

Happy 2019 Read Article

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Latest comments

lightads: I like it very much. Well done 9 hours ago

Filip: Looks more like Prof. Timothy Leary 9 hours ago

Filip: Nice effect looks like cirkels i a pool. 9 hours ago

vincent: Good desintegration 10 hours ago

LostBoyz: Lol vincent 😄 10 hours ago

vincent: Thanks to all - Merci à tous - Gracias a todos. 10 hours ago

vincent: Nice experimentations Pr. Franco. 10 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Dani, I tried to reproduce the grid but I couldn't.... 13 hours ago

persiana: Muy bueno filip 14 hours ago

persiana: Impresionante show Vicente 14 hours ago

persiana: Buen tutorial franco 14 hours ago

PAT67: 2 belles compositions 15 hours ago

PAT67: Epoustouflant et magnifique Vincent 15 hours ago

Jesus: Filip, es un gran espectáculo y fantástico. 16 hours ago

Jesus: very good show and awesome. 16 hours ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic show vincent! :) 16 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Well done Filip, and thanks for the info. 18 hours ago

vincent: Merci Raymond, bonne baignade mais attention aux requins. 18 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks 19 hours ago

Franco Aversa: very true, mine was a quick test, but there are thousands... 19 hours ago

Filip: And another variation. 19 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: C'est rafraîchissant, merci de prolonger... 19 hours ago

maggico: Bravo Franco 20 hours ago

vincent: That's true, there are a lot of possibilities... 21 hours ago

vincent: Thank you, merci à tous. 21 hours ago

lomed: A big thank you Dani and congratulations for the shows... 22 hours ago

chaver: Thank you Ulli 22 hours ago

maggico: Superbe ! Je nage dans le bonheur !!! 22 hours ago

komies: Amazing Vincent! We all live in a yellow submarine. a day ago

IntroChamp: Very nice Vincent! I love how your shows can take us... a day ago

Sma: Very cool) Dani a day ago

Ulli: Fantastic scene, Vincent! I love the caustic and... a day ago