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46 articles found by MrGruntHunter!

Zoom function in Bixelangelo

MrGruntHunter | 5 months ago | 8 comments

I have started using Bixelangelo to trace travel routes. I can import maps as a background image and... Read Article

INTRO project

MrGruntHunter | 6 months ago | 23 comments

I've been working on trying to create an intro for a Motor Home trip. This is a pretty basic and... Read Article

BixPack 34 template 25_MagicBook_Eternity

MrGruntHunter | 10 months ago | 5 comments

I have been working with the subject template and 'stretched' the duration from 12s to 16s... Read Article

Creating EPS file from a PNG

MrGruntHunter | a year ago | 11 comments

I have been trying to use INKSCAPE to create an EPS file from a PNG file to use in BT but BT doesn't... Read Article

Making a show with transparent background

MrGruntHunter | 2 years ago | 8 comments

I'm looking at doing something with the hands show 'Magic', I want to change... Read Article

How to make all layers invisible at the same time

MrGruntHunter | 2 years ago | 9 comments

Michiel Is there a way to be able to select ALL layers and make them invisible at the same time? My... Read Article

Adding to a container

MrGruntHunter | 2 years ago | 10 comments

When you add a layer to a container, like maybe a png image, isn't that layer supposed to take on... Read Article

Possible feature request

MrGruntHunter | 2 years ago | 5 comments

Michiel, This exercise I've been struggling with in trying to create a smoke trail has been frustrating... Read Article

My truly first BT show

MrGruntHunter | 2 years ago | 15 comments

I've been wrestling with BT for 3 years now and struggling beyond belief. I created this INTRO... Read Article

Is it possible to rename a layer

MrGruntHunter | 2 years ago | 27 comments

While we're on the topic of adjusting layers in posted previously, how to you rename a layer? I'm... Read Article


MrGruntHunter | 3 years ago | 1 comment

Michiel, Whatever happened to your BixPhotoBook software release? It showed up quite a while ago on... Read Article

Newspaper Show

MrGruntHunter | 3 years ago | 18 comments

OK, I know this is pretty rudimentary compared to what everyone else is posting but this is my first... Read Article

About Uploading personal BT shows to share

MrGruntHunter | 3 years ago | 1 comment

Michiel, I've copied and pasted our conversation here in the forum so others that may have the same... Read Article

Auto sizing text

MrGruntHunter | 3 years ago | 4 comments

Is there a way to have text in a template auto resize to fit a specific area/box or maybe have text wrap? Read Article

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Ulli: Looks interesting and reminds me of fractals. an hour ago

Ulli: BluffTitler is the only program with endless possibilities!... an hour ago

Ulli: Nicely done, gato@mo. an hour ago

Ulli: It´s so beautiful, Filip. 2 hours ago

lightads: Boids is a MP4 movie? 2 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Wow, just a nice move 8 hours ago

gato@mo: PAT67, Franco Aversa, Thank You for you comments 8 hours ago

Filip: Thnx All. 16 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Nice, I realized he was inspired by the game Among... 19 hours ago

vincent: Very interesting. 21 hours ago

Jesus: Thanks Michiel, Very good demo so I learn more about... a day ago

PAT67: En effet ça donne un beau rendu à la... a day ago

PAT67: Belle idée d'appliquer l'effet BIX... a day ago

PAT67: Voilà une animation innovante. Bravo Filip a day ago

gato@mo: Thank You Vincent that was the idea a day ago

persiana: Me gusta, es un trabajo e idea excelente. a day ago

vincent: Nice, you have recreated the astronaut from Among Us... a day ago

Filip: 👍 a day ago

ganguy: I had the same problem, great solution, THANKS a day ago

gato@mo: Filip the model was made it by me In the video I Just... a day ago

gato@mo: Hi, Michiel unfortunately the red boy are dead at the... a day ago

Filip: Funny!😄 Where dit you get the 3 D models? Or is... a day ago

michiel: This background was designed for the intro of the V15... 2 days ago

michiel: Great to see how the vector graphics have become part... 2 days ago

michiel: Creative use of the Bix effect. Looking forward to... 2 days ago

vincent: Nice letters animation Filip. 2 days ago

Jesus: fantastic!! beloved 2 days ago

Ulli: Great, thank you very much, Michiel. 2 days ago

persiana: Gracias Michiel 2 days ago

chaver: Great Michiel. Thank you 3 days ago

PAT67: Merci Michiel pour ces infos et le partage 3 days ago

PAT67: Super LB ,fantastiques fantômes ! 3 days ago

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