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BixPack 31 | Lower Thirds

Carlos Marques | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 7 comments

The lower third templates of BixPack 31 rendered on top of video footage. For more info click here:... Read Article

can we do a perspective warp on an image?

Rorysee | 5 days ago | 3 comments

i want to place an image angled on the x axis backward for building projection but then correct the perspective... Read Article

request for blur to text characters properties

Rorysee | 2 months ago | 2 comments

Hi michiel would it all be possible to add x y blur to text properties . the reason for this is i animate... Read Article

Blur on 3d obj or text only

Rorysee | 2 months ago | 3 comments

this is just a re-post of an older question. is there a way of adding a blur like a linear blur or a... Read Article

can we place particles on the alpha channel only?

Rorysee | 3 months ago | 3 comments

for example if i use the gradient wipe fx for the x file than simply add particles to that. now... Read Article

thanks everyone, have a good one. PLEASE Michiel request for markers on the TL

Rorysee | 3 months ago

thanks everyone for the direction and inspiration for the past year. be safe and hoping to get some kind... Read Article

BT in/out logo for comedy lineup sequence

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 5 comments

BT is awesome for this type of digital content creation because the lineup sequence can be shorter or... Read Article

BT puzzle text pieces on Bixangelo eps path

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 8 comments

So with the puzzle I pieces font. so avoided rotating the pieces on the z axis and when increasing... Read Article

Markers solution sorted...sort of. LOL

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 3 comments

masking tape stuck to computer screen. we desperately need markers with select multiple key for moving... Read Article

3D LOGO from PNG...trace picture so easy

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 2 comments

loving BT. the easiest way by far and then added some png layers light. BT is becoming a big part of... Read Article

request for markers on the TL

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 4 comments

can we please have markers on the time line this will help to manage multiple elements on the TL for... Read Article

Add a spotlight as in a moving stage beam

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 2 comments

is there a way to add a few spotlight beams etc Read Article

Have umbrellas will party

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 7 comments

just some questions. which alpha channel format does BT prefer straight matt png or pre-multiplied... Read Article

BT particles with pictures

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 4 comments

I wanted to add a lens flare is there a way to add the lens flare to the camera? Read Article

Alphabix in BT for teaser theater campaign

Rorysee | 7 months ago | 8 comments

alphabix really quick and easy To use. would love it if it could save as TTF ... Read Article

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