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GIF Viewer

SMSgtRod | 2 years ago | 5 comments

What is a favorite GIF Viewer for Win 10? Read Article

Video Clip, start & stop

SMSgtRod | 3 years ago | 2 comments

Adding a video clip in to a BT show. Is there a way now to start and stop the clip. I'm trying... Read Article

Halloween BixPack

SMSgtRod | 3 years ago | 2 comments

I know it's close now, but sure would be fun to have for the 2021 season!! Read Article

Queue Clips

SMSgtRod | 4 years ago | 15 comments

How difficult would it be to give the user (us) control of when a clip or GIF we are including in a BT... Read Article


SMSgtRod | 4 years ago | 4 comments

Scenario: I have a 10 second video set up in BT. Video would be 30 fps. I wish to make a ten frame gif... Read Article

Flight Simulators

SMSgtRod | 4 years ago | 4 comments

Could it be possible to incorporate some of the great flight simulator scenery in to BT and then add... Read Article

Stills and Video Control on Timeline

SMSgtRod | 4 years ago | 9 comments

Couple days ago I tried inserting a clip in a show. Investigation reveals that it's not easily... Read Article


SMSgtRod | 4 years ago | 6 comments

Is it possible to do the Outerspace slidehow locally on my computer? The reason I ask is that I have... Read Article

This Dinosaur.....

SMSgtRod | 4 years ago | 7 comments

.... is having fun with the GIF capability of BT....... anyone found any Easter Eggs? Read Article

Bix Pack 5 Sports

SMSgtRod | 6 years ago | 3 comments

Just bought the pack today. The Airbus Special font didn't seem to want to download. So I found... Read Article

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