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3 articles found by SparkyVegas!

Blame Vincent and Michiel - Bixangelo Interior Maps

SparkyVegas | 6 months ago | 12 comments

Vincent instigates and Michiel follows right along by updating Bixangelo to create interior maps! As... Read Article

Convert AVI w/Transparency to MOV w/Transparency

SparkyVegas | a year ago | 13 comments

A Bluff user on the Cyberlink PowerDirector forum was frustrated that the NLE will import the AVI created... Read Article

Will you just SLOW DOWN!

SparkyVegas | 2 years ago | 8 comments

Just when I think I'm starting to catch up with all that BluffTitler can do, Michiel continually... Read Article


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Filip: Nice good show> Love the Glitter and Glamour. 13 minutes ago

Filip: Good show, stay healthy. 14 minutes ago

chaver: Thank you Michiel :) 49 minutes ago

michiel: Yes, we all want to fly away to a better place. ... an hour ago

cheyenne: joli spectacle Dani an hour ago

cheyenne: Merci Julio et Dani 2 hours ago

vincent: Nice! Take care of You. 2 hours ago

chaver: Nice and creative Dani 3 hours ago

chaver: Thank you Dani.Take care you also Dani 3 hours ago

Dani: Good job chaver...take care of you.. 3 hours ago

Dani: Good job...nice text...amigopegassero 3 hours ago

Dani: Well done Filip...take care of you.. 3 hours ago

Dani: Power of particles...good job Vincent.. 3 hours ago

Dani: Very nice.. 3 hours ago

PAT67: Bon titrage , un fond sonore aurait donné du... 4 hours ago

PAT67: Belle démo de la multiplication du virus, l'ambiance... 4 hours ago

PAT67: Animation de circonstance , bien vu Vincent 4 hours ago

julio solano: amazing show Pat, nice animation, God job, saludos... 7 hours ago

julio solano: Great show my dear friend Lostboyz, saludos desde Perú,... 7 hours ago

julio solano: thanks you for sharing, nice show Alex, saludos desde... 7 hours ago

julio solano: nice show 7 hours ago

julio solano: gracias Lioyongcai por compartirlo, saludos desde Perú 7 hours ago

julio solano: excelente show amigo, buena textura virus, saludos... 7 hours ago

julio solano: great particle Vicent 7 hours ago

julio solano: nice show, be carefull 7 hours ago

julio solano: good Filip 7 hours ago

persiana: Esta muy bien Filip 13 hours ago

persiana: Está muy bien Vicente 13 hours ago

michiel: Vincent, yes. My guess is that it also solves the z-fight... 16 hours ago

vincent: Great show for a great advertising message ! 16 hours ago

vincent: thank you Filip, Michiel, no, i didn't. Is it... 16 hours ago

michiel: Vincent, have you already tried applying the AdvancedMaterials\NotLightened_NoDepthWrite... 17 hours ago