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BixPack 38 | Stingers launched today!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 12 comments

Today we've launched BixPack 38 | Stingers! What are stingers? Stingers are short videos that start... Read Article

vegas pro 14 incompatible

TME | 6 months ago | 5 comments

It seems that BT is not compatible with Sony Vegas Pro 14. Is anyone else using this NLE and had problems... Read Article

Importing alpha video to Vegas Pro 14

TME | 6 months ago | 3 comments

I cannot import the exported file of a credit role from bt into vegas. We have clicked the alpha box... Read Article

Paste new text into titler

TME | 6 months ago | 3 comments

I am a new user. I am creating a credit role. I am trying to copy the text from a word document and... Read Article


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Alex-Raymond T.: Superb! Well done LB! 7 minutes ago

Filip: Great. Fast but good to follow. 2 hours ago

aki: @Michiel I was worried that I had something wrong.... 2 hours ago

liuyongcai: Thank you friends! 3 hours ago

liuyongcai: Wonderful performance, classic works! LostBoyz 4 hours ago

vincent: Great Christmas landscape show LB! 6 hours ago

Jesus: Magnificent show, congratulations. And how did you... 6 hours ago

PiPPi: OK. 7 hours ago

michiel: You will see the difference when you open the EPS in... 7 hours ago

PiPPi: Thanks. Yes, I've read the user guides many times... 7 hours ago

michiel: Clever! 8 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Hello Michiel and Filip, I temporarily got around the... 8 hours ago

michiel: Solid shapes are rendered by the vector layer: 8 hours ago

PiPPi: Many thanks for the replies. I indeed went through... 8 hours ago

michiel: Yes this is normal. Don't worry about it. 8 hours ago

michiel: Great! 9 hours ago

michiel: The difference between the joints is the angle between... 9 hours ago

liuyongcai: 17 hours ago

Filip: I see the distortion also in my show: 21 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Good evening Michiel, Thank you very much for taking... 23 hours ago

maggiau: Thank you, here is the result with the Intro of my... a day ago

PAT67: Superbe , éclatant de réalisme. a day ago

michiel: The camera flies at high speed through the tunnel,... a day ago

michiel: There are 2 things: 1) The banding effect in the background.... a day ago

Pioneer: Thank you chaver, will give that a go. 2 days ago

maggiau: Hello, I am working with this one. But no way ta... 2 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Michiel, I just did some testing and you're right... 2 days ago

chaver: I despends where you want the gif. Here is what the... 2 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Thank you Michiel for these super quick answers and... 2 days ago

Filip: What a great idea. Love it. Brilliant! 2 days ago

michiel: Oh, and the JPG/MP4 banding effect in the background... 2 days ago

michiel: Not sure what is happening here. We'll take a... 2 days ago

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