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Version 16 has been launched!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 35 comments

The big new feature of version 16 is animated 3D models. The videos that beta testers have posted in... Read Article

Steampunk chest with surprise

Thor5ten | 2 weeks ago | 27 comments

Added steam particles on the tailpipe and some surprises on the inside. Original model can be found here:... Read Article

Gold bar cleaning advertisement

Thor5ten | 3 weeks ago | 9 comments

Copying the model file and setting the background one to specularity 0.9 and the forgeround one (can... Read Article

Vaporwave 1980s style advertisment

Thor5ten | 3 weeks ago | 9 comments

After Decentralized showed this iconic Vaporwave model in a posting by him here: Read Article

Happy Halloween 2022

Thor5ten | a month ago | 12 comments

Did a little customization on a model texture. 😉 Models: Underground Bunker Warehouse Read Article

STAR WARS X-Wing chasing TIE Fighter

Thor5ten | a month ago | 12 comments

Apparently I have fun firing laser bolts at things. Added some light cones as thrusters. Base of the... Read Article

STAR WARS Skirmish at Geonosis

Thor5ten | a month ago | 10 comments

As suggested by other members here: a real fight should end with an explosion.... Read Article

When two bots are fighting

Thor5ten | a month ago | 10 comments

Added lightning and laser blast particles to model joints which are targeting the respective opponent.... Read Article

Cape and heat vision added to model joints

Thor5ten | a month ago | 10 comments

As suggested by Michiel, I've changed Superman's initial on his costume here: Read Article

Superman with a cape made with BT [V16]

Thor5ten | a month ago | 10 comments

Flying animation build into GLB. But he didn't have a cape, so I've added a waving flag layer... Read Article

Simply walking through heavy terrain [V16]

Thor5ten | a month ago | 7 comments

Walk cycle build into GLB file. Positioning via "stand in landscape". So it looks like the... Read Article

Truck with headlights driving through terrain [V16]

Thor5ten | a month ago | 8 comments

Added some point lights and light cones to a model joint of a GLB animated truck. Read Article

Don't drink while aboard a ship in a perfect storm [V16]

Thor5ten | a month ago | 10 comments

Not exactly dancing, like proposed by Michiel here: Now possible with model... Read Article

Epic battle of a bold girl vs. an evil bot [V16]

Thor5ten | a month ago | 12 comments

V16 is simply amazing. Model joints are the source of infinite possibilites. I've attached lightning... Read Article

Nikola Tesla would have had fun with this one [V16]

Thor5ten | a month ago | 10 comments

The idle movements of body and legs came build-in. Arm movements animated with random spline via VJ.... Read Article

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Kauzito: Glow is a wonderful parameter! 25 minutes ago

Kauzito: How did you create the smoke? 30 minutes ago

vincent: Thank you all. an hour ago

vincent: A real movie scene, great! an hour ago

terrypin: Thanks Michiel. That was easy in this case, with only... an hour ago

michiel: The colours and camera work is amazing. The shadow... 2 hours ago

michiel: What a joy to see all the different kind of robots:... 2 hours ago

michiel: Thank you Filip. That's a nice match, love the... 2 hours ago

michiel: Gabriel, do you agree that the original on Sketchfab... 3 hours ago

lightads: Bloody nice show. 4 hours ago

gato@mo: Thank You LostBoys Eso no lo sabia Muchas gracias 4 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you chaver, Decentralized and liuyongcai! 4 hours ago

LostBoyz: gato@mo, You can also make the t pose here (mixamo) 4 hours ago

Decentralized: Incredibly cute video, well done Vincent 6 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 7 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 7 hours ago

liuyongcai: Well done 👍🏻 7 hours ago

gato@mo: Michiel, Use cinema4D para ponerlo en forma de ¨T¨... 9 hours ago

chaver: Cool.well done. Mr Ro bot lunch break ? 10 hours ago

Decentralized: Really remarkable. Well done, Sir Lost. 11 hours ago

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