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Making a Ready Player Me character sing

Thor5ten | 8 months ago | 10 comments

After being inspired by Ulli here: I had to try it, too. Animated this RPM... Read Article

Bix in Love 💚

Thor5ten | 9 months ago | 11 comments

Made a film about Bix's first time falling in love. YT library music: "Floating Home"... Read Article

Building made easy title animation

Thor5ten | 9 months ago | 8 comments

In my last post I demolished a building, so I thought I should be constructive and build a new one instead.... Read Article

Cartoon map on GLB model [now with V2 short]

Thor5ten | 9 months ago | 11 comments

Used a Sketchfab physics simulation model and used a cartoon map on it. Attached a container... Read Article

The Corridor III: Sirenum Scopuli

Thor5ten | 9 months ago | 11 comments

Fired with everything BT has and I'm really happy with the result. Thanks again to Decentralized... Read Article

Robot coming after you [V2]

Thor5ten | 9 months ago | 10 comments

Michiel's eye for the dramatic is usually right. So I reimagined the scene after his spectacular... Read Article

Robot patroling corridor with gobo lighting

Thor5ten | 9 months ago | 12 comments

I thought, what works in the real world should work in 3D. And it actually does. Used this evenly lit... Read Article

Netflix logo spoof [Download]

Thor5ten | 9 months ago | 9 comments

Soft shadows are so nice to look at. So I remembered a famous logo that used it in abundance. Fully customizable... Read Article

Sort of "Independence Day" Short

Thor5ten | 10 months ago | 11 comments

To use flexibility I've created the skyscraper out of eps rectangles with interior mapping textures.... Read Article

Neighbors interior map pimped with GLB

Thor5ten | 10 months ago | 12 comments

Revisiting all the great features BT has built in. Made the interior map via a colourmap, added GLB models... Read Article

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Decentralized: Looks fantastic, Dani. 4 hours ago

EdwardL: Michiel, I kind of realized the issue with the scrolling... 7 hours ago

shoji M: Hi, Lightads You can try changing the Characterset. 9 hours ago

liuyongcai: Great work Michiel 16 hours ago

liuyongcai: Great work Dani 16 hours ago

Filip: Great Dani. Love the fire. I think, as Vincent suggests,... 17 hours ago

nonnogio: Bello il fuoco è molto reale 20 hours ago

vincent: It looks a lot like the same video repeated and placed... 20 hours ago

michiel: Mega spectacular! How did you do the fire? A particle... 21 hours ago

michiel: So you would like to write the names of all 66 bible... 21 hours ago

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