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23 articles found by Thor5ten!

Star Trek: Picard | Squoodgy fur, hair and animation made with BT

Thor5ten | 6 months ago | 11 comments

Squoodgy, the stuffed animal from a "Picard" series regular was love on first sight for me.... Read Article

EZ major malfunction

Thor5ten | 6 months ago | 2 comments

I guess I have a flow. I've clearly posted enough for one day. ;-) Made with a lightning effect... Read Article

[DL] Explosion via colourmap animation displacement

Thor5ten | 6 months ago | 9 comments

Here are the media files for this show: I had to scale the spritesheet... Read Article

[DL] Cyberspace Title

Thor5ten | 6 months ago | 3 comments

Sorry, to have such an erruption of posts. Now with media file download. My previous mentioned method... Read Article

Explosive title with displacement from a spritesheet animation

Thor5ten | 6 months ago | 3 comments

My explosion animation playing in a colourmap Experiment from yesterday used on a title. The faked displacement... Read Article

3D fireball explosion with fake displacement

Thor5ten | 6 months ago | 5 comments

Spritesheet animation playing in a colourmap. This map used as color as well as displacement. Projected... Read Article

Star Trek TNG Logo with Interior Mapping Effect

Thor5ten | a year ago | 7 comments

Been away for too long. But the interior mapping effect inspired me profoundly. Used the single sides... Read Article

Sandstorm Particle Effect Show Download

Thor5ten | 2 years ago | 11 comments

As requested by Michiel, I post my show files here. Read Article

3D Models as Particles | Starfleet Field Day

Thor5ten | 2 years ago | 9 comments

Apropos Star Trek starships. I had some fun assembling a fleet. Just put every ship in its own particle... Read Article

Simulation of Specular Mapping

Thor5ten | 2 years ago | 7 comments

The newly released "Surface Studio" in Hifilm Pro got me thinking, if something like that is... Read Article

Playing with Textures

Thor5ten | 2 years ago | 9 comments

Just experimented with some textures containing colormaps, normalmaps and reflectionmaps. Read Article

Star Trek 6 Inspired Shockwave

Thor5ten | 2 years ago | 7 comments

Going back even further to the "Undiscovered Country" opening scene, where the Klingon moon... Read Article

EZ tows Bix with a tractor beam

Thor5ten | 2 years ago | 10 comments

I seem to have a flow (please tell me, when you have enough of it) and really love to play with the lightning... Read Article

Star Trek Generations Nexus Pays a Visit

Thor5ten | 2 years ago | 6 comments

I don't know, if you've ever seen or can remember the Nexus from Star Trek 7. Here's the... Read Article

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persiana: Gracias Michiel an hour ago

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PAT67: Super LB ,fantastiques fantômes ! a day ago

Filip: Nice Michiel. Love new ideas. You can also use the... a day ago

michiel: To fight the MP4 banding, the plasma layer uses the... a day ago

michiel: The blobby shapes have been designed in Bixelangelo... a day ago

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Ulli: Wonderful, I love the ghosts. a day ago

michiel: Love the happy friendly ghosts. Great show! a day ago

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vincent: GREAT GREAT Show! and very good placement of the videos... 2 days ago

vincent: we shall see 😑 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: Yes, good idea ! 2 days ago

vincent: To keep the possible compatibility problem that could... 2 days ago

Franco Aversa: I know this would make older versions incompatible... 2 days ago

komies: The link is created with the search option Downloads... 3 days ago

vincent: Yes Franco, it is just an example of the BT textbox... 3 days ago

Franco Aversa: Yes Vincent, is this graphic your proposal? Very interesting. 3 days ago

michiel: Good idea! For now, maybe the Halloween shows posted... 3 days ago

vincent: Agree with you Franco, I could see something like that,... 3 days ago

agpvn: Thank Michiel ! i think we need have "Attach... 3 days ago

SMSgtRod: Finally! Some wings for this Private Pilot!! Looks... 3 days ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks, but I actually asked if it was possible in... 3 days ago

markpain: It worked but the second website is down it no longer... 4 days ago

Filip: Great solution! Very creative 4 days ago

michiel: I'm not going to argue about that 😃 Thank you... 4 days ago

michiel: I don't think creating your own effects is what... 4 days ago

persiana: Muy bueno. 5 days ago

Ulli: Thank you, Filip. I think, this is the easiest way... 5 days ago

LostBoyz: Thank you vincent and Ulli :) 5 days ago

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