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Is there a way to place particles at the tip of the sketch?

aki | 2 weeks ago | 2 comments

Hi there. The photo is "" attached to BT. This show has a lens flare layer... Read Article

Request for batch video export function

aki | 3 weeks ago | 9 comments

Hi Michiel To export the video, open each show, select Export as Video and set the details of the exported... Read Article

About the maxdisplacement of the plasma layer

aki | a month ago | 2 comments

Hello Michiel. Earlier, I requested to add MAX DISPLACEMENT to the plasma layer and you added it. Read Article

Occasionally, shagi may appear on the outline of the line

aki | a month ago | 17 comments

When you output the attached program (MOV, mp4, avi), shagi will be displayed in various places as shown... Read Article

About QuickTime MOV codec

aki | a month ago | 1 comment

There are "ProResks" and "ProResaw" in the QuickTime MOV codec of the BT option setting.... Read Article

Sketch layer drawing order

aki | a month ago | 9 comments

Dear BT users I am practicing how to use sketch layers. I loaded the EPS created by Affinity Designer... Read Article

Questions about antialiasing

aki | a month ago | 8 comments

Michelle, I have a question about show antialiasing included in the BixPack. The photo is Party_Hats... Read Article

Particle light

aki | a month ago | 3 comments

Hello Michel I bought some Bixpacks. They are great and are good textbooks for learning how to use different... Read Article

Can I request a shortcut?

aki | 3 months ago | 8 comments

Hello Michel and BT users I would like to request a feature to make BT easier to use. BT can export... Read Article

About water layer seamless loop video

aki | 4 months ago | 3 comments

Hello Michel and BT users I'm now interested in slow-moving, short-playing loop videos. From Michel,... Read Article

About the flag layer loop video

aki | 4 months ago | 4 comments

Hello I asked about the seamless loop video of the plasma layer. Another question is how to play seamlessly... Read Article

Questions about seamless loops in the plasma layer

aki | 4 months ago | 6 comments

Hi I read the description of the loop plasma layer in the user guide. Display time * Plasma speed =... Read Article

How to turn a picture into steel

aki | 5 months ago | 6 comments

Hello friends. I found a software called "Materialize" to create a normal map by myself. Not... Read Article

How to print letters on the flag

aki | 8 months ago | 5 comments

Hello I want to print letters(safety) on the flag. I tried various things, but it didn't work.... Read Article

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Filip: Thnx Michiel (for the tip) and Vincent. Now with the... 10 hours ago

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michiel: Thank you for your request. Notice that the text layer... 20 hours ago

Filip: 1. Use the "String" in the 1st layer style... a day ago

Filip: Thnx Jose Luis, love to share. a day ago

JOSE LUIS: Gran noticia. Un magnífico potencial para Blufftitler. a day ago

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Filip: Thnx Vincent and Ulli! a day ago

SamSaam: thanks Michiel for adding .OBJ FORMAT too, but I meant... a day ago

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vincent: Michiel, it's a very good surprise! a day ago

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chaver: Thanks Vicent and Filip.Filip it is bluff text effect... a day ago

vincent: Nice, good mirror effect. 2 days ago

vincent: Multiple sketchs in container is a good alternative 2 days ago

vincent: Nicely done 2 days ago

Filip: Nice, but it is more music and less BluffTitler. 2 days ago

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