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BixPack 38 | Stingers launched today!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 12 comments

Today we've launched BixPack 38 | Stingers! What are stingers? Stingers are short videos that start... Read Article

Bixelangelo and .eps files

asterix | 9 years ago | 2 comments

Hi Michiel, In Bixelangelo, how can i save my sketch as .EPS, only the PNG format is available in the... Read Article


asterix | 10 years ago | 1 comment

Hello Michiel, You asked me to unload a show that contains copyrighted stuff. I have done this immediately,... Read Article

Sketch Demo

asterix | 10 years ago

Just as the title says. Read Article


asterix | 10 years ago

A dream for all of us! Read Article


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PAT67: Belle animation 15 minutes ago

aki: @michiel Thank you for your reply <The water simulation... 6 hours ago

Eddy: Great Christmas show LostBoyz 10 hours ago

michiel: A simple trick to loop any show is to make all non-looping... 11 hours ago

michiel: The flag simulation is not deterministic so this is... 11 hours ago

michiel: The water simulation is deterministic so in theory... 11 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Superb! Well done LB! 13 hours ago

Filip: Great. Fast but good to follow. 16 hours ago

aki: @Michiel I was worried that I had something wrong.... 16 hours ago

liuyongcai: Thank you friends! 17 hours ago

liuyongcai: Wonderful performance, classic works! LostBoyz 17 hours ago

vincent: Great Christmas landscape show LB! 19 hours ago

Jesus: Magnificent show, congratulations. And how did you... 20 hours ago

PiPPi: OK. 21 hours ago

michiel: You will see the difference when you open the EPS in... 21 hours ago

PiPPi: Thanks. Yes, I've read the user guides many times... 21 hours ago

michiel: Clever! 21 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Hello Michiel and Filip, I temporarily got around the... 22 hours ago

michiel: Solid shapes are rendered by the vector layer: 22 hours ago

PiPPi: Many thanks for the replies. I indeed went through... 22 hours ago

michiel: Yes this is normal. It's the output of the external... 22 hours ago

michiel: Great! 23 hours ago

michiel: The difference between the joints is the angle between... 23 hours ago

liuyongcai: a day ago

Filip: I see the distortion also in my show: a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Good evening Michiel, Thank you very much for taking... a day ago

maggiau: Thank you, here is the result with the Intro of my... a day ago

PAT67: Superbe , éclatant de réalisme. a day ago

michiel: The camera flies at high speed through the tunnel,... a day ago

michiel: There are 2 things: 1) The banding effect in the background.... a day ago

Pioneer: Thank you chaver, will give that a go. 2 days ago

maggiau: Hello, I am working with this one. But no way ta... 2 days ago

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