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BixPack 41 Launched!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 17 comments

The templates of BixPack 41 have a long history. Some have been designed for other videos, some have... Read Article

New video all by me!

bambamD | 4 days ago | 4 comments

New video all by me! I mentioned all members and chief Michiel in this video JAM ! Read Article

New video

bambamD | 5 days ago

New video on Youtube.. soon will do online instructios for knowning works i did in combinations with... Read Article

Won prize in Wondershare Filmora contest!

bambamD | 6 days ago | 1 comment

Won prize in Wondershare Filmora contest! Such a great honor :) Thanks for all of You, here are great... Read Article

Hello...this video is for my best friend from Estonia!

bambamD | 3 weeks ago | 2 comments

Hello...this video is for my best friend from Estonia! Read Article

Please help!

bambamD | 2 months ago | 1 comment

I bought original ultimate bluff and in program i dont have greenscreen.cfx, download link please!!! Read Article

Finaly finished

bambamD | 2 months ago

Here you can see what Bluff can make !!!! Read Article

Hello dear friends i made an show with Bluff ultimate 64 arc

bambamD | 2 months ago | 2 comments

i bouth bix pack 20 I am from Croatia well i am very honored to work with bluf in combination with DaVinci... Read Article

The way of use bluff titler version 10

bambamD | a year ago | 23 comments

I am old user of bluff titler and in this way want to share my video on youtube. Resolution is poor cause... Read Article


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michiel: Or this one: 16 hours ago

michiel: What do you mean with a "sketch video"? ... 16 hours ago

vincent: ok, thank you. a day ago

michiel: Use the traced picture layer and the same preset. a day ago

vincent: Michiel, it works for text layers but is there a solution... a day ago

michiel: Choose the menu item LAYER > ATTACH LAYER > ATTACH... a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Thank you friends, it was only fiction ... I don't... a day ago

PAT67: Spectaculaire animation Bravo Raymond a day ago

Filip: Thnx Michiel great solution! BluffTitler has more... a day ago

michiel: When you increase the stroke size, the individual letters... a day ago

bambamD: Oppla...very immpresive..keepit up my friend! a day ago

bambamD: uff nice video...amazing! a day ago

liuyongcai: Nice!Nice! 2 days ago

vincent: Beau voyage dans le temps et l'espace, je vois... 2 days ago

michiel: Nice! Growing buttercups on Mars by 2051 would mean... 2 days ago

michiel: Thanks for the request BambamD! Importing iClone projects... 2 days ago

bambamD: chief Michiel please consider if is possible to input... 2 days ago

Filip: Great Jam session! 3 days ago

michiel: Riding the rhythm of the waves! Nice jam, thanks for... 3 days ago

chaver: Thank you very much Ulli 4 days ago

Filip: Thnx all. 4 days ago

vincent: Nice effect 4 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Very good, Filip, well done! 4 days ago

Ulli: Well done, Filip. 4 days ago

Ulli: Beautiful, chaver! 4 days ago

Ulli: Thank you very much, Filip. 4 days ago

Ulli: Thanks a lot, Alex! 4 days ago

Filip: There is another simple way to add a picture in the... 4 days ago

michiel: If all layers had the same attributes it would be possible... 4 days ago

steveg: Michiel, ha ha! Looks like mission successful. 4 days ago

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