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8K but my hardware cant produce final just 4K

bambamD | a week ago | 10 comments

rendering bluff obj with 35 seconds at 7680x4380 1051 frames N alpha 3 samples pp costed me 97 GB today... Read Article

Out There!

bambamD | a week ago | 8 comments

All the best to everyone! Read Article

Sunflower ower my head!

bambamD | 2 weeks ago | 1 comment

remake of my 2 year old music.. just remade video! Read Article

New some Bluff also!

bambamD | 2 weeks ago | 6 comments

Some Ai music maker .. thanks to all from Bluff Community, also to outstanding Mr. michiel who invented... Read Article

New contest Grunge

bambamD | 2 weeks ago | 9 comments

I added some from Bluff let see! Read Article

Visitor X

bambamD | a month ago | 4 comments

new short video Visitor X about traveler in UFO who just look up on changes around. parts of short movie... Read Article

new video all bluff

bambamD | a month ago | 10 comments

only final production filmora Read Article

new video- From beyond come some pulses...

bambamD | a month ago | 7 comments

something new Read Article

Can someone give me some objects for I doing some videos

bambamD | a month ago | 12 comments

Can someone give me some objects for I doing some videos.. as for that help i can give and made music... Read Article

T-REX I do fun

bambamD | 2 months ago | 4 comments

I did some fun! Read Article

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shoji M: Hi, Lightads You can try changing the Characterset. 40 minutes ago

liuyongcai: Great work Michiel 7 hours ago

liuyongcai: Great work Dani 7 hours ago

Filip: Great Dani. Love the fire. I think, as Vincent suggests,... 8 hours ago

nonnogio: Bello il fuoco è molto reale 12 hours ago

vincent: It looks a lot like the same video repeated and placed... 12 hours ago

michiel: Mega spectacular! How did you do the fire? A particle... 12 hours ago

michiel: So you would like to write the names of all 66 bible... 12 hours ago

Rorysee: the geometry doesn't work = You would need 66... 15 hours ago

Jesus: Thanks michiel, everything was fine. 15 hours ago

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