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T-Pose effect

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 31 comments

Character animation is a bit out of scope for a video titler, but because many asked for this, here's... Read Article

Where to find additional types of

bhp2000 | 2 weeks ago | 2 comments

First, a congrats to Michiel on your Anniversary and for the kind gesture of offering 50% off! Appreciated!... Read Article

Working with Robotic Arms

bhp2000 | 9 months ago | 4 comments

First, I love these things and have been able to get through how to move and manipulate them as well... Read Article


bhp2000 | 10 months ago | 5 comments

I'm not sure I fully understand how COLOR maps work. I see for instance the color map for the robotic... Read Article

Trying to get a constant highway animation

bhp2000 | 10 months ago | 7 comments

Hi- This is probably an easy thing to do but not having time to learn Bluff better I thought I'd... Read Article

POLITICAL TV AD with help from forum!

bhp2000 | 4 years ago | 8 comments

Here's the 2nd ad that had been done by using Bluff. Again, thank you ALL. '-) Best regards,... Read Article

POLITICAL TV AD with help from forum!

bhp2000 | 4 years ago | 9 comments

Hi- After having received some help from this forum on using the tunnel show, I was able encorporate... Read Article

Thanks Outerspace!

bhp2000 | 5 years ago | 8 comments

Just wanted to say thank you for this past weekend's discounts. I took advantage of a couple and... Read Article


bhp2000 | 5 years ago | 8 comments

Hi- Last week or so I had seen a marvelous example of text riding on water and then sinking below the... Read Article


bhp2000 | 5 years ago | 8 comments

Hi- FIRST, Previous responses to a different post REALLY helped me to understand BT better and I am... Read Article


bhp2000 | 5 years ago | 6 comments

Hi- New here and having tested the software just purchased the Ultimate. What a fine piece of work!... Read Article


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Ulli: Gorgeous promo video! 13 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Very nice thank you! 24 minutes ago

Ulli: Great! 24 minutes ago

Ulli: Very beautiful show, Filip. 25 minutes ago

michiel: Of course they play perfect in the latest version!... 34 minutes ago

Ulli: Great idea, Franco. 35 minutes ago

Ulli: Great show. 38 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Hi Michiel! Question, Waist bending can be solved?... 40 minutes ago

Ulli: Very nice and thanks for sharing. 40 minutes ago

Xenofex2: Thankyou Michael. Food for thought. In light of your... 3 hours ago

michiel: The speakers and other elements bounce to the music,... 3 hours ago

LostBoyz: :) 4 hours ago

Decentralized: Thanks everyone. And great ideas Michiel, I will try... 10 hours ago

Thor5ten: LostBoyz, nice following of EZ with Arnold's giant... 20 hours ago

Thor5ten: Great compilation of BT's arsenal of features. 20 hours ago

Thor5ten: Thanks for your support. Michiel, this is a great... 20 hours ago

vincent: ☺️ 22 hours ago

vincent: Simple and efficient, thank you Thor5ten. 22 hours ago

vincent: Cool and scary show. 22 hours ago

le beau jojo: Merci Décentralisé. a day ago

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