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Muting a Layer?

bhp2000 | a year ago | 3 comments

Hi- Just wondering if there's a QUICK way to mute/hide a layer's visibility or if that may... Read Article

Text Particles Colourmap REVERSE direction?

bhp2000 | a year ago | 2 comments

Hi- Beyond exporting a created show using multiples of a word falling and then reversing the direction... Read Article

How to delay start of Text Particles Colourmap?

bhp2000 | a year ago | 2 comments

Hi- Was experimenting with some ideas using the Bluff App Show "Text Particles" found in the... Read Article


bhp2000 | a year ago | 3 comments

Hi- When trying to open a saved "personal" show, a dialogue came up about missing files or... Read Article

Where to find additional types of

bhp2000 | a year ago | 2 comments

First, a congrats to Michiel on your Anniversary and for the kind gesture of offering 50% off! Appreciated!... Read Article

Working with Robotic Arms

bhp2000 | 2 years ago | 4 comments

First, I love these things and have been able to get through how to move and manipulate them as well... Read Article


bhp2000 | 2 years ago | 5 comments

I'm not sure I fully understand how COLOR maps work. I see for instance the color map for the robotic... Read Article

Trying to get a constant highway animation

bhp2000 | 2 years ago | 7 comments

Hi- This is probably an easy thing to do but not having time to learn Bluff better I thought I'd... Read Article

POLITICAL TV AD with help from forum!

bhp2000 | 6 years ago | 8 comments

Here's the 2nd ad that had been done by using Bluff. Again, thank you ALL. '-) Best regards,... Read Article

POLITICAL TV AD with help from forum!

bhp2000 | 6 years ago | 9 comments

Hi- After having received some help from this forum on using the tunnel show, I was able encorporate... Read Article

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