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Version 16 has been launched!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 35 comments

The big new feature of version 16 is animated 3D models. The videos that beta testers have posted in... Read Article


cheyenne | 2 years ago | 11 comments

Voila une Petite vidéo avant de partir en vacances Merci BluffTitler pour ce merveilleux programme... Read Article

Rendu coordonnées Système

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 2 comments

Bonjour à tous .... Je cherche un tutoriel pour comprendre le fonctionnent du Rendu coordonnées... Read Article


cheyenne | 2 years ago | 5 comments

petite vidéo toute simple pour bien débuter la semaine Read Article

Jurassic Park

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 9 comments

Un petit tour à Jurassic Park pour fêter les 17 ans de BluffTilter Read Article

Un peu de hauteur

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 13 comments

Un peu de hauteur Read Article

Miniature 3d

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 2 comments

Bonjour Michiel depuis la mise à jour des miniatures des modèles 3d au format X certains... Read Article


cheyenne | 2 years ago | 9 comments

un peu de lecture Read Article

Le téléphone

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 14 comments

Le téléphone Read Article

Far west

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 18 comments

Bon dimanche un petit voyage au Far west Read Article

Un petit Voyage en piano

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 5 comments

Premier spectacle BluffTitler 64 Read Article

Fête des pères

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 3 comments

Bonne fêtes a tous les papas Read Article


cheyenne | 2 years ago | 11 comments

Un petit voyage dans l'espace Read Article


cheyenne | 2 years ago | 9 comments

Bon Dimanche à vous Read Article

Fête des mères

cheyenne | 2 years ago | 7 comments

Une bonne fête à toutes les mamans du monde Read Article

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michiel: Then the transparency must have been added in Cinema4D... 13 minutes ago

michiel: That's a very talented camera man at 0:14 😁... 17 minutes ago

gato@mo: Michiel No tiene 52 minutes ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Very nice, this dodo kite-surfer! an hour ago

Alex-Raymond T.: It was with great pleasure, especially for such a result!... an hour ago

Filip: very good! 3 hours ago

Thor5ten: Nice combination of template with dancing model. 3 hours ago

Thor5ten: Great little movie! 3 hours ago

Thor5ten: Great storytelling. I wish I would have those serving... 3 hours ago

Thor5ten: The dodo is back. Nice work! 4 hours ago

Thor5ten: Even with the wolf in the picture it looks so peaceful.... 4 hours ago

sven: I can't wait to use this great feature 4 hours ago

michiel: JA, dat ziet er een stuk beter uit. Fraaie avatar!... 9 hours ago

Filip: Wow, great love the whole atmosphere. Happy this is... 10 hours ago

Filip: Thnx all. Michiel resolution improved. 10 hours ago

Kauzito: Glow is a wonderful parameter! 11 hours ago

Kauzito: How did you create the smoke? 11 hours ago

vincent: Thank you all. 12 hours ago

vincent: A real movie scene, great! 12 hours ago

terrypin: Thanks Michiel. That was easy in this case, with only... 12 hours ago

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