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6 articles found by dvsprite!

2011 Dark Metallic

dvsprite | 10 years ago | 3 comments

3 second revolving, rotating 2011 made in computer wide screen. In the file menu, you can change the... Read Article

Masked Photo

dvsprite | 10 years ago

Bragina asked about masking a photo and posted an example. This is not a finished show, just an example... Read Article

Video Screen Made From Text

dvsprite | 10 years ago | 5 comments

BBB and others have been asking for shows using video. There have also been several requests for tutorials.... Read Article

Tangent Lines Extended

dvsprite | 10 years ago | 2 comments

For this experiment I used Arial Black because all characters in the word TANGENT were angular except... Read Article

21st Birthday Video

dvsprite | 10 years ago

This was a video greeting I made for my son's 21st birthday. The link at the bottom of the post... Read Article

Metal Text with Rivets

dvsprite | 10 years ago | 3 comments

The preview picture is of a Digital Juice graphic of metal text with rivets. The texture is not important,... Read Article


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liuyongcai: Great animation looks great 43 minutes ago

liuyongcai: Great animation 45 minutes ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Well seen, PAT, and well said Michiel! Ah, if we were... an hour ago

michiel: Yes, that's what the particle layer has been created... an hour ago

michiel: I think it's the shadows of the bells on the wall... 2 hours ago

PAT67: Très beau panoramique et superbe vue depuis... 2 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Oui, oui c'est bien de la neige, au nord-est elle... 3 hours ago

vincent: Salut Raymond, belle animation, mais attention car... 4 hours ago

Dani: WOw...Alex...great..thank you.. 7 hours ago

Dani: Happy Easter Michiel and all our BT family... 7 hours ago

michiel: Thank you all. Stay safe and healthy, have a happy... 9 hours ago

Jesus: Happy Easter, thanks Michiel. 13 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Merci à tous, Joyeuses Pâques ! Heureux... 14 hours ago

chaver: Thank you Michiel.Happy easter 16 hours ago

lecoq: Merci beaucoup Raymond. Et merci pour le partage... 21 hours ago

Eddy: Merci Alex pour ce partage. 22 hours ago

julio solano: happy easter michiel and thanks 22 hours ago

julio solano: thanks great show 22 hours ago

Eddy: Merci Michiel and Happy Easter. 22 hours ago

persiana: Gracias Michiel y Felices Pascuas 23 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien Alex y gracias 23 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Nice show! a day ago

LostBoyz: Thank You Michiel! Happy Easter! a day ago

Thor5ten: Thanks!!! Great stuff here. Captures one of the final... a day ago

cheyenne: Merci Michiel a day ago

liuyongcai: Thank you . Happy Easter! a day ago

liuyongcai: Thank you Michiel. Happy Easter! a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: It's very nice all that, thank you Michiel and... a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Yes Michiel, it's like in reality, the transition... a day ago

vincent: Thank You Michiel. Happy Easter! a day ago

PAT67: Et voici des oeufs High Tech merci Michiel .L'ajout... a day ago

vincent: Merci beaucoup Raymond. Joyeuses Fêtes de Pâques... a day ago