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Blufftitler on new apple mac mini

erikger | 6 months ago

Hi, i thinking about buying the new 2018 apple mac mini. Can i use blufftitler on the mac... Read Article

include the chart tool and the slideshow tool

erikger | a year ago | 1 comment

could it might be possible to include the two online tools in an update into blufftitler? i am not... Read Article

Cover BOX Tool

erikger | 2 years ago | 8 comments

I think blufftitler would also be good for creating cover boxes (windows, blue ray disc, etc) Does... Read Article

old 11 effects

erikger | 3 years ago | 3 comments

hi could it be possible to bring back all old 11 fx files. i am trying to use some older shows... Read Article

mp4 export

erikger | 3 years ago | 1 comment

hi it seems that when i export an animation to mp4 the video stops before the original animations... Read Article

free video backgrounds, lower thirds, overlays etc.

erikger | 8 years ago

hi on the site you will find free video backgrounds etc for private and... Read Article

The field rendering option has been removed: double the fram

erikger | 11 years ago | 4 comments

Does this mean bluff titler renders non interlaced? And why did you removed this feature ? Read Article

single or theme download?

erikger | 13 years ago

hi after a great break in my pc i had to reinstall blufftitler and all the single effects. ... Read Article


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cheyenne: Merci Michiel je vais essayer 8 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Well Filip, good job, the important thing is that they... 10 hours ago

michiel: Those effects and tags are meant for realtime applications.... 10 hours ago

Filip: Franco nice show, love the waffle texture. I tried... 11 hours ago

cheyenne: Michiel le probleme c'est que une fois ma vidéo... 13 hours ago

michiel: The MP4 format is not as smart as the BT format. ... 14 hours ago

vincent: Il me semble avoir déjà remarqué... 14 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Thank you all ! 16 hours ago

Ulli: This looks very real, great! 18 hours ago

PAT67: Appétissante crème glacée ,le... 18 hours ago

IntroChamp: Sprinkles are a nice touch! 19 hours ago

vincent: Yes Chocolate Sketch + Vanilla & biscuit EPS =... 20 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Yummy Franco!! a day ago

Jesus: Gracias, Vincent and Ulli. a day ago

IntroChamp: Filip, you’re an awesome artist! I enjoy your... 2 days ago

Filip: Thnx IntroChamp I think my show was Inspired by yours... 2 days ago

IntroChamp: Thanks Ulli! Oh wow Filip, that's so similar!...... 2 days ago

Filip: The show does remind me of a show I made earlier. ... 2 days ago

IntroChamp: Hi Filip, Practice camera position and movement... 2 days ago

Ulli: Looks great, Joel! 2 days ago

taotao000001: Happy 16 BluffTitler! I love BluffTitler! \(^++++++++^)... 2 days ago

Filip: Not a camera guy. Want to use it more. But find the... 2 days ago

IntroChamp: Thank you Vincent and Alex! It's true that more... 3 days ago

komies: Wonderful, Joel Also a lesson for me to learn.... 3 days ago

vincent: Great clip Joel! I must admit that holding the camera... 3 days ago

Ulli: Beautiful, Jesus! 4 days ago

vincent: romantic Jesus 4 days ago

stcyhood: I know, I don't understand the color thing either,... 6 days ago

Ulli: I like both versions! a week ago

Eddy: I like this one too. Thank you for sharing. a week ago

Eddy: Bravo Robert, Very beautiful. a week ago

Robert Urbina: lightads the effect is called masked a week ago