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21 articles found by jeablu!

Box animated parallelepiped

jeablu | a year ago | 9 comments

Michiel, Thanks for the advice, for a birthday I realized a gift box that I wanted to put in my video.... Read Article

Box animated parallelepiped

jeablu | a year ago | 3 comments

Hello We know make an animated cube and build it into a container, the 6 pictures must be in a square... Read Article

The Plasma's name used in a project

jeablu | a year ago | 1 comment

Hello In a project, after adding a Plasma layer, templates are available (Aqua,..., Sunrise... etc),... Read Article

List of Articles

jeablu | 2 years ago | 3 comments

In a former time, we had the opportunity through a link on the homepage, to list all the articles and... Read Article

Effect VII_ReelOfFilm.cfx

jeablu | 2 years ago | 4 comments

Hi Michiel, My old project in which I used the effect "ReelOfFilm.fx. After replacement by the... Read Article

Effect PageCurl.cfx

jeablu | 4 years ago | 1 comment

Hi Michiel, I want to use the "PageCurl.cfx" effect, but does not exist in BT version... Read Article

V11_ReelOfFilm.cfx ?

jeablu | 4 years ago | 1 comment

Hi Michiel, I used in my project ReelOfFilm.fx; In V12 I don't found V11_ReelOfFilm.cfx? Read Article

User guide in french

jeablu | 4 years ago | 1 comment

Hi Michiel, In the future, is it possible to have the manual "User guide" in french? Thank... Read Article

Problem with V11_RipplingReflectiveWater.cfx effect

jeablu | 5 years ago | 3 comments

In my old project a "Image.png" cut out (in French "Image détourée")... Read Article

Old Effects FX need converting (big Problem)

jeablu | 5 years ago | 2 comments

Hi Michel, I upgraded to version 12, my old projects use FX effects that are not provided in version... Read Article

BTv12-Technical Information of the Project ?

jeablu | 5 years ago | 1 comment

I have the BT version 12 update, on the Help menu I cannot find "Technical information" of... Read Article

Container and videos

jeablu | 7 years ago | 2 comments

Hello Michiel, It would be interesting to be able to join a video layer in a container for example... Read Article

Effect ReelOfFilm with videos

jeablu | 7 years ago | 3 comments

Hi Michiel, I use the "ReelOfFilm" effect to roll a strip of film in according to your article... Read Article

Effect Cloth and container

jeablu | 7 years ago | 6 comments

Hi Michiel, "I use a container in which I add several Picture layers, the 'Cloth' effect... Read Article

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chaver: Nice 38 minutes ago

Eddy: Un buen trabajo persiana (JM). an hour ago

persiana: Muy bien Filip 2 hours ago

persiana: Muchas gracias Pat y Vicente 2 hours ago

vincent: Well done. 4 hours ago

vincent: Bonito, persiana. 4 hours ago

amigopegassero: Thanks! Everyone! Stay Safe! Blessings! 👍😎👍 4 hours ago

PAT67: Belle réussite ce kaléidoscope avec sa... 5 hours ago

PAT67: Belle composition Dani 5 hours ago

vincent: Gracias persiana, thank you julio you too. Merci Patrick. 6 hours ago

chaver: Thank you Julio and persiana :) 6 hours ago

julio solano: God job Dani 6 hours ago

julio solano: nice song Chaver 6 hours ago

persiana: Muy bueno Dani 6 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien Chaver, cuidarse 6 hours ago

vincent: Michiel, yes, with NotLightened_NoDepthWrite particle... 7 hours ago

michiel: Yes, that would be wonderful. We would love to create... 7 hours ago

Filip: Nice good show> Love the Glitter and Glamour. 10 hours ago

Filip: Good show, stay healthy. 10 hours ago

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michiel: Yes, we all want to fly away to a better place. ... 11 hours ago

cheyenne: joli spectacle Dani 11 hours ago

cheyenne: Merci Julio et Dani 12 hours ago

vincent: Nice! Take care of You. 12 hours ago

chaver: Nice and creative Dani 13 hours ago

chaver: Thank you Dani.Take care you also Dani 13 hours ago

Dani: Good job chaver...take care of you.. 13 hours ago

Dani: Good job...nice text...amigopegassero 13 hours ago

Dani: Well done Filip...take care of you.. 13 hours ago

Dani: Power of particles...good job Vincent.. 13 hours ago

Dani: Very nice.. 13 hours ago

PAT67: Bon titrage , un fond sonore aurait donné du... 14 hours ago