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[DL]Caustics by Forcefields.cfx

komies | a year ago | 11 comments

My two (Vin)cents at Caustics in BluffTitler. I used a png Image and made it from 256 to 2048 pixels... Read Article

VJ Colormap Hexagram

komies | a year ago | 2 comments

While cleaning the HDD I came across this experiment from a year ago. I just tweaked it and rendered... Read Article

-revolved style text layer higher quality

komies | a year ago | 16 comments

In the new 15.1 update we got: -revolved style text layer higher quality in super high quality mode... Read Article

BluffTitler 64bit

komies | 2 years ago | 1 comment

This article is created just to link to another article that contains in my opinion essential information... Read Article

Uneven Floor Neon Room

komies | 2 years ago | 17 comments

Well this was a Challenge, It looks easy enough, a uneven jumbled floor that reflects this surroundings... Read Article

Star Trek Picard [DL]

komies | 2 years ago | 14 comments

Made this just for fun after seeing the series. What do you all think of this new Star Trek: Picard... Read Article

The Power of the Community?

komies | 2 years ago | 5 comments

I'm stuck maybe someone can help me? When you have a texture with 6 different equal faces like... Read Article

Handwriting in BluffTitler [DL]

komies | 2 years ago | 9 comments

Last year I made a suggestion to Filip on how to do a Writing of a Nice Font with Bixelangelo and therefore... Read Article

A Game of Interiors

komies | 2 years ago | 6 comments

I have been asking myself how the pseudo random FX Interior Pattern works because with any slider I set... Read Article

Request: Selfmade Sketch Shape

komies | 3 years ago | 9 comments

@Michiel Franco saw the same ICE-CREAM Tutorial as me and like me was wondering about translating this... Read Article

Cracks trick

komies | 3 years ago | 8 comments

This is a show from BIXPACK 8 - Dust, Dirt & Destruction\ When you look at the "Bullittime"... Read Article

Also not Mine, realtime rendered in game engine Unreal

komies | 3 years ago | 10 comments

Yes I know BluffTitler is essentially a Titler for short intro's and outro's and it does that... Read Article

Not mine, but may I dream.

komies | 3 years ago | 6 comments

A Realtime rendered demo made in CryEngine that uses a AMD Vega56 Graphics card with DirectX12 or Vulcan... Read Article

Tinsel Tree

komies | 3 years ago | 12 comments

Merry Christmas, Everyone Also for yours to keep, Use it, Change it, Learn from it. Read Article

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vincent: Great clip Decentralized, big work! an hour ago

liuyongcai: GREAT show, Decentralized !!! an hour ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic video Decentralized! 2 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! 2 hours ago

michiel: Great mashup of Halloween models! I like the waving... 2 hours ago

michiel: Thank you LB for making me feel like a movie director... 2 hours ago

michiel: Wow! The character animation, scenery and camerawork... 2 hours ago

Decentralized: Good story line, Lost. Chainsaw scared'em good. 2 hours ago

Decentralized: wow, super awesome. Well done, Filip. spooky 2 hours ago

Decentralized: Good test and movement 2 hours ago

vincent: A very strange ambience. Well done. 3 hours ago

vincent: Great scene, Michiel for story + LB as film director... 4 hours ago

Filip: Wow, scary and love the way the boy moves. Did he get... 4 hours ago

liuyongcai: GREAT show LB !!! 5 hours ago

LostBoyz: Very cool and funny Filip! :) 5 hours ago

gato@mo: Saludos cordiales a todos 6 hours ago

Filip: Swinging, love the silver surfer. 7 hours ago

Filip: Love it. Monkey dance! 7 hours ago

chaver: Nice 10 hours ago

vincent: Nice danse show Gaby. 11 hours ago

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