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Flower templates!

michiel | PROMOTED ARTICLE | 13 comments

It's springtime, the sun is shining and it's Mother's Day. It's time for... flower templates! Bix... Read Article

Plasma as Landscape

komies | a month ago | 6 comments

A Quick and Dirty show. I used the Perlin Noise to create this sand dunes with the new plasma dis... Read Article

Many Trees with Vegetation.cfx

komies | 2 months ago | 8 comments

@Franco You can have rows of trees with movement or more random placed and other great particle ... Read Article

Vegetation.cfx with Normalmap Request

komies | 2 months ago | 2 comments

@Michiel Now that Blufftitler has embraced Tree-it, could you look at this request? Other tree... Read Article

Egg Roll Concept

komies | 2 months ago | 13 comments

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE, Sorry I'm late to the Egg-citing Eggs-periments of the NEW Egg-Style optio... Read Article

Waving tree

komies | 2 months ago | 8 comments

A Fast and Dirty concept of a waving tree. This model doesn't use the vegetation.cfx Instead I u... Read Article

Concept Slice and Wipe

komies | 2 months ago | 12 comments

Speaking about CUBE and Picture transition! There is a very neat effect that came with Bixpack 7 ... Read Article

Concept Picture Cube

komies | 3 months ago | 8 comments

I have been talking to Franco about cubes and how to make them spin walk: https://www.outerspace-sof... Read Article

Flex on Water

komies | 3 months ago | 13 comments

Here a show with the Flexibility property on the Shiny Text. Less explanation, but more pleasing ... Read Article

Concept Flexibility

komies | 3 months ago | 10 comments

A Fast and Dirty Show about Flexibility Flexibility is a powerful property and often underused. ... Read Article

Chinese New Year [DL]

komies | 3 months ago | 17 comments

A concept show with a "special effect" Chinese Fan. I never made a show with this effect, but it ... Read Article

Valentine [DL]

komies | 3 months ago | 24 comments

This show has only 131 layers. It is yours to download from my cloud, it complies with the commun... Read Article

15th Anniversary

komies | 4 months ago | 19 comments

This concept show looks simple enough with only 13 layers. When you have a concept in mind and wa... Read Article

In answer to Tayla

komies | 4 months ago | 16 comments

"Ok the effect I like is to have a floor surface, wood, concrete or whatever and then have the mirrr... Read Article

What needs to be done?

komies | 4 months ago | 26 comments

I'm always surprised when people on this community don't know about a fundamental things about Bluff... Read Article

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vincent: Nice show! 29 minutes ago

vincent: Joel, Filip and LB : Thanks a lot for you positive... 30 minutes ago

vincent: 😄😄😄😄😄😄! an yes, this show ifs a historic document... 32 minutes ago

LostBoyz: AWESOME vincent!! :) 3 hours ago

LostBoyz: Cool! :) 3 hours ago

Filip: Great show Vincent, Bix is driving dangerously slo... 4 hours ago

Filip: Wow like to go there on a vacation :-) 4 hours ago

SMSgtRod: HOG time!! 7 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Max Different 7 hours ago

IntroChamp: Vincent, the tunnel is fascinating! Great textures... 9 hours ago

vincent: Thank you, thank you very much Ulli. 10 hours ago

Ulli: Wonderful clear room, Dani! 11 hours ago

Ulli: This is so beautiful, Filip! I love the Flower Bi... 12 hours ago

Ulli: Very nice vacation Intro. 12 hours ago

Ulli: Awesome! The tunnel and the car are wonderful, Vin... 12 hours ago

elvis66: really crazy but good 13 hours ago

Dick (FOV): Maybe I am wrong, but I expect adding only a beat... 13 hours ago

vincent: very cleanical 14 hours ago

vincent: 😄 😄 😄 😄 !! Very funny show, I did not know that ou... 14 hours ago

Filip: Nice and bright room, love it! 15 hours ago

Filip: Like to see the movie :-) 15 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Very nice Dani 15 hours ago

elvis66: is really good 15 hours ago

elvis66: Thank you Dani 15 hours ago

michiel: With the audio layer: 16 hours ago

Dani: Great show...nice concept... 17 hours ago

Dani: Thank you dear friends.... 17 hours ago

SMSgtRod: Well done.....! 22 hours ago

michiel: An audio file is nothing more than a list of peaks... 23 hours ago

Dick (FOV): @Vincent Thanks for showing one of the "problems"... a day ago

Ulli: Beautiful show and happy vacation, Dani! a day ago

Ulli: Cool idea and thank you for sharing, Vincent! a day ago


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