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New VJ Dialog

komies | 4 days ago | 5 comments

Michiel, A few questions: 1. Flexibility set on a text will not effect the animation when the VJ... Read Article

Concept Snow Sound II

komies | 4 days ago | 6 comments

Fast and Dirty.... The same show but now with the new VJ Dialog. The response time is faster, it... Read Article

Point of View

komies | a week ago | 10 comments

Fast and Dirty show. Is the Object a Circle, a Triangle or a Square? interpret this as you like,... Read Article

Feature Request

komies | a week ago | 1 comment

Michiel, can the cube and sphere style option have a morphing stage property? Like the Cilinder and... Read Article

Superman 1978 End Credits [DL]

komies | 2 weeks ago | 4 comments

While I was recreating this effect, I encountered some pitfalls. I normally don't do this but her... Read Article

Masked effect Rainbow

komies | 2 weeks ago | 5 comments

Lostboyz was thinking also on the right line and effect. Here for your download pleasure Use i... Read Article

Christmas 360° virtual snow ride

komies | a month ago | 1 comment

This is a 360 4K version, to use with your handheld device or VR glasses, don't get motion sick. It... Read Article

Merry Christmas in Daylight [DL]

komies | a month ago | 12 comments

A short, off the track animation based on the big Winter Normal Land https://www.outerspace-softwa... Read Article

Winter Normal Land [DL]

komies | a month ago | 11 comments

Merry Chistmas Everyone, I had a bad case of Procrastination with this show. I wanted to do more.... Read Article

Feature Request: Vegetation.cfx with Normalmap

komies | a month ago | 1 comment

Vegetation.cfx with Normalmap in third unused texture slot Vegetation uses a 3d model and I wan... Read Article

NOT A SHOW / Concept Water Ripple

komies | 2 months ago | 5 comments

Amiga asked to do the Jurrassic Park T-Rex Water Ripple. This is what I have so far: Blufftitler... Read Article


komies | 2 months ago | 9 comments

This is what I got so far, It is not pretty just a proof of concept that is shareable. The downl... Read Article

Blufftitler Tilt Brush

komies | 2 months ago | 12 comments

I was at an friend who had the HTC VIVE VR glasses with Google Tilt Brush software. It was wonder... Read Article

Concept - Carpet Wave

komies | 3 months ago | 7 comments

Just a Proof of Concept. Colourmap layer as Displacement map for Landscape Layer Goto Layer 9 Co... Read Article

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lifechip: Thank you for the information 3 hours ago

komies: Great job, Vincent. Are these the famous sewers... 4 hours ago

komies: Yes, Dani Nice show an yes this new VJ Dialog is F... 4 hours ago

komies: Great job, Vincent. Yes by sound controlled mot... 4 hours ago

vincent: Thank you Ulli. 12 hours ago

vincent: Nice show Dani! 12 hours ago

persiana: maravilloso y extraordinario espectaculo 15 hours ago

persiana: fenomenal y precioso espectáculo 15 hours ago

Dani: Beautiful the style. 17 hours ago

Dani: Thank you all you wonderful friends. 17 hours ago

Ulli: I like the sketches and the ambience! 20 hours ago

Ulli: Beautiful! 20 hours ago

Ulli: Dripping water - cool! 20 hours ago

vincent: Nice Urban ambience!!! maybe a v.3 using VJ Dialog... 22 hours ago

vincent: Thank you LB! 22 hours ago

Selina: @LostBoyz You're most welcome :) 22 hours ago

Selina: @LostBoyz Cool! Love the sketches :) 22 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Selina! :) 23 hours ago

LostBoyz: Very Nice! :) 23 hours ago

LostBoyz: Very Cool vincent! :) 23 hours ago

vincent: Thanks Ulli and Filip a day ago

vincent: Thank you Filip, you're right, not very cosy as pl... a day ago

Filip: We will rock you, Queen. Nice show a day ago

Filip: Michiel, wat a good tip. I didn't knew that: -2 t... a day ago