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Around the world

lampion | 16 years ago | 3 comments

Not quite around the world in 80 days, but 8 cities is a good start, I think. Read Article


lampion | 16 years ago | 1 comment

You don't have to use 3D-models all the time.. :-) Read Article


lampion | 16 years ago | 5 comments

Morphing 3Dtext in BluffTitler: 1) Create a static picture with an awesome 3Dtext. 2) Export as an image... Read Article


lampion | 17 years ago | 2 comments

With BluffTitler you can even animate the randomize-parameters! With some metalic-looking text, a few... Read Article


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Alex-Raymond T.: Mille mercis Michiel, ainsi qu'à toute... 30 minutes ago

Kauzito: Managed to glow the submodel. Thank you Michael and... an hour ago

Kanon: Muchas gracias!...michiel😇 por sus consejos . ... 2 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Ulli! 2 hours ago

michiel: The glow properties of the camera layer are only visible... 3 hours ago

Decentralized: Kauzito, make sure you have something in there to let... 3 hours ago

Kauzito: I cannot see Glow Intensity in the VJ Dialog. See attached... 3 hours ago

michiel: Press <Ctrl> P to pause the animation. 4 hours ago

jguidus: Muchas gracias- Tanks very much 4 hours ago

amiga: That's awesome! I only just realized glow can... 5 hours ago

michiel: The VJ dialog can handle all props. In this case I... 5 hours ago

vincent: I Agree. 6 hours ago

Ulli: We all really appreciate what you, Michiel and your... 7 hours ago

maggico: Merci Michiel, Ce serait une excellente idée. 8 hours ago

michiel: Good demo! Realize that you can apply glow to the... 9 hours ago

LostBoyz: We thank you for your hard work Michiel! 😊 12 hours ago

michiel: The corner is now always a perfect circle, no matter... a day ago

Decentralized: Yes. Lightning: Or illuminate... a day ago

Decentralized: Thank you all for your kind words, they are greatly... a day ago

Ulli: This is an awesome night ride, Vincent! a day ago

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