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251 articles found by liuyongcai!

michiel: bitmap font, Explosion?

liuyongcai | a month ago | 2 comments Read Article

White texture, modeling

liuyongcai | 4 months ago | 11 comments

White texture, modeling Read Article

Sketch globe

liuyongcai | 5 months ago | 12 comments

V11_DPACK_ReflectionMap.cfx Read Article

Text can add 3D foreground or background in 64-bit version??

liuyongcai | 5 months ago | 3 comments

Text can add 3D foreground or background in 64-bit version? Read Article

BluffTitler produces new version and special effects of 《Smart Text Constructi

liuyongcai | 5 months ago | 17 comments

BluffTitler produces new version and special effects of 《Smart Text Construction》 Read Article

Fruit anti Covid-19 virus

liuyongcai | 6 months ago | 14 comments

Fruit anti Covid-19 virus Read Article

Text building disc photo album

liuyongcai | 6 months ago | 12 comments

:) Read Article

Effects of 3D sketches and text

liuyongcai | 7 months ago | 8 comments

:) Read Article

BluffTitler_14.8 Make Water Effect

liuyongcai | 7 months ago | 3 comments

BluffTitler_14.8 Make Water Effect Read Article


liuyongcai | 7 months ago | 11 comments

Sphere Read Article

New special effects

liuyongcai | 9 months ago | 7 comments

New special effects Read Article


liuyongcai | 10 months ago | 3 comments

:) Read Article

Building a scene with fonts

liuyongcai | 10 months ago | 10 comments

Building a scene with fonts Read Article

Michelle: BluffTitler can't display the file correc

liuyongcai | a year ago | 6 comments

Michelle: BluffTitler can't display the file correctly, can't use the effect of Simplified... Read Article

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Franco Aversa: Of course Filip, I've seen that several buttons... 11 hours ago

Filip: I 'm a proud user of Blufftitler and I have all... 12 hours ago

Dick (FOV): All, thanks. 13 hours ago

Franco Aversa: sorry but I noticed that Reset was going to the button... 13 hours ago

PAT67: Merci Dani ,Ulli et LB 13 hours ago

Franco Aversa: Thanks, grazie. @Michiel do you insert it into the... 16 hours ago

nonnogio: Grazie, Preciso come sempre 16 hours ago

michiel: Grazie mille Franco! a day ago

LostBoyz: Cool show PAT67! :) a day ago

Filip: Thnx all. a day ago

Filip: Michiel Thnx for the explanation. I thought that the... a day ago

LostBoyz: Great, thanks Filip. a day ago

LostBoyz: Awesome show vincent!!! a day ago

Ulli: Great, thanks a lot, Filip. 2 days ago

Ulli: The color picker is very helpful. 2 days ago

Ulli: Oh wow, this is fantastic! I love it. 2 days ago

Ulli: Great glyphes test, PAT. 2 days ago

Ulli: This makes creating a logo very easy. Thank you very... 2 days ago

Ulli: Great titles, Franco. I like it. 2 days ago

Ulli: I think your great tutorial is very helpful for many... 2 days ago

Ulli: Gorgeous animation, LB! 2 days ago

Ulli: Haha, that´s funny. 2 days ago

Rorysee: thanks michiel. much appreciated. this opens many... 2 days ago

vincent: Merci ART. 2 days ago

michiel: Here's another test render. Animation system... 2 days ago

PAT67: Bel effet , merci Filip 2 days ago

PAT67: Belle trouvaille qui est très utile. Ca correspond... 2 days ago

michiel: BTW, why are you using Google Drive when you can attach... 2 days ago

michiel: The Sketch layer can render lines, but the Vector and... 2 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Comme toujours, super ambiance. Bravo Vincent. 2 days ago

vincent: Color picker is very useful. 2 days ago

vincent: Good results. 2 days ago

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