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20 articles found by maggiau!

MAGGIAU - Robotic Interface

maggiau | 4 months ago | 2 comments

hello, Like I usual I post here my latest creation. BluffTitler is always a must When I publish... Read Article

silhouettes files + my work ( dancing with a bee)

maggiau | 9 months ago | 8 comments

Hello, I used the pack 11 silhouettes to make this clip with my music ... is there any files... Read Article

[SOLVED]MY BT software crashed using old BixPacks installing

maggiau | 2 years ago | 3 comments

When I installed the new version of the software, my PC began to be slow and even crashed when I load... Read Article

Codec missing ?

maggiau | 2 years ago | 7 comments

I installed new video and sound drivers. now I get Media error could not render any source Read Article

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

maggiau | 2 years ago | 2 comments

Hello, my latest music presented through BT. thank you in advance Alessandro Read Article

My latest one - Purple Train's Romance

maggiau | 3 years ago | 2 comments

My new song, a little bit electro and romance. Thank you Read Article

My latest impro Hypno Dream

maggiau | 3 years ago | 2 comments

Hello, Bonjour, Here is my latest electro impro. I just used the standard from bluffTitler... Read Article

Are the demo empty shows proposed in the forum available ?

maggiau | 3 years ago | 5 comments

Hi, I am not sure I understand ... some of you, are sharing some "empty" shows in posts... Read Article

Recherche - Search collaboration

maggiau | 3 years ago | 2 comments

Hello, Bonjour, Comme vous l'avez peut-être vu je fais de la musique,on dira particulière.... Read Article

Dance for Me - My latest video

maggiau | 3 years ago | 6 comments

Done with BT version 13 ... A music EDM - Dance A small delirium in music and video also ... Read Article

temporize the start of a video

maggiau | 3 years ago | 8 comments

Hello, I add a video and the video start at the beginning. is ther any way to start the video... Read Article

Bon Noël

maggiau | 3 years ago | 1 comment

Bon Noël, Merry Christmas, Buon Natale Read Article

Tonton FranGueur's Miserere

maggiau | 3 years ago | 5 comments

Hello, My latest music clip, done with BT 13 ... :-) A+lessandro AUM- ALessandro... Read Article

How to remove sound from a vidéo

maggiau | 3 years ago | 1 comment

Hello, I am doing a music clip and import a vidéo ... how to remove the Mp4 sound ? ... Read Article

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elvis66: 😂🤣 very good show Filip 31 minutes ago

elvis66: 👍🏻 Good show 33 minutes ago

PAT67: Merci filip pour ce partage. 3 hours ago

PAT67: Belle création futuriste 3 hours ago

PAT67: Bravo Vincent tu as trouvé l'antidote... 3 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! 9 hours ago

elvis66: Dani Super Show Maistro 😉👍🏻 10 hours ago

TROY GT: Tnxs Michiel. 10 hours ago

elvis66: Filip Cool very good show 10 hours ago

elvis66: Respect 👍🏻 Vincent you can send me a zip file... 10 hours ago

vincent: Merci cheyenne, gracias Julio cuídate. 12 hours ago

julio solano: PD. good effect and animation too 12 hours ago

julio solano: Nice show Vicent, si Persiana es lo que estamos esperando,... 12 hours ago

cheyenne: J'adore 13 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Très belle exploitation du PacK 33. Show très... 15 hours ago

vincent: Merci, thank you, gracias a todos. we'll win. 16 hours ago

julio solano: thanks you Filip, for sharing, saludos desde Perú 16 hours ago

julio solano: great show Filip 16 hours ago

julio solano: felicidades persiana buen show, saludos desde Perú 16 hours ago

persiana: Vicente,Espectáculo muy bueno y que ojalá... 16 hours ago

persiana: Muy bien Filip y gracias 16 hours ago

persiana: Muchas gracias a todos y cuidaros. Michiel, Muchas... 16 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Merci pour le partage Filip. 17 hours ago

Jesus: Buena Canción, cuidate chaver. 17 hours ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre... 18 hours ago

LostBoyz: Fantastic show vincent! :) 19 hours ago

maggico: Super ! Merci pour le partage 19 hours ago

komies: Nice Show, Vincent 44 vaccines are being tested... 20 hours ago

vincent: Thank You Filip. 21 hours ago

Filip: 😱 Even vergeten! 😨 21 hours ago

michiel: Dankjewel! Tip: je had de ZIP ook aan het oude... a day ago

liuyongcai: Thank you friends! Thank you!! a day ago