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Ger: Great Michiel! 5 hours ago

vincent: Thank you Alessandro, your grandfather must have had... 10 hours ago

maggiau: Very beautifull .... My grandfather worked in those... 12 hours ago

maggiau: well done 12 hours ago

PeteK: Merci PAT67! a day ago

PAT67: Belle carte a day ago

michiel: Nice promo vid! When you want to use 3D techniques... a day ago

Alex-Raymond T.: Super merci Michiel ! 2 days ago

PeteK: Thanks Filip! 2 days ago

PAT67: Impatient d' en profiter , merci par avance. 2 days ago

Sash: Thank you, now it works. 2 days ago

Filip: Like it! Waiting....waiting... 2 days ago

Filip: Funny. Like the writing on the backside. 2 days ago

liuyongcai: Thanks Michiel 2 days ago

michiel: Another effect that does something similar is Special\Masked. 2 days ago

PeteK: Thank you for all! 2 days ago

PeteK: Thanks Michiel! 2 days ago

michiel: Nice overview of the possibilities of the 2D STAR style!... 2 days ago

michiel: Great use of a video texture! 2 days ago

PeteK: Thanks Vincent! 2 days ago

vincent: You can try to use this effect on your text : ...\Effects\Special\UVMapper.cfx... 2 days ago

vincent: Nice ecard PeteK 2 days ago

LostBoyz: Awesome Michiel! 2 days ago

liuyongcai: Great. Thank you! great! Michelle. 3 days ago

liuyongcai: Good way, great. Thank you!Michiel 3 days ago

michiel: More new picture layer styles: 3 days ago

vincent: Thank you Petri. 4 days ago

michiel: A capsule can be created with a text layer. Use the... 4 days ago

PeteK: Wow, very cool animation! 4 days ago

vincent: Merci Raymond pour la couronne 😊 5 days ago

liuyongcai: capsule capsule 5 days ago

Alex-Raymond T.: C'est vraiment superbe Vincent ! Félicitations... 5 days ago

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