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Bluff Titler does not accept other video formats for Textures; only.wmv

sammcpherson | a week ago | 1 comment

I am not able to apply video formats to insert in Texture, except for .wmv video format. Thus I have... Read Article

BixPack 28 Flowers missing shows 11 thru 15

sammcpherson | a year ago | 1 comment

I've had BixPack 28 for some time and notice that out of the 39 shows, 11 thru 15 are missing. I... Read Article

FX Bending effects

sammcpherson | 11 years ago | 1 comment

I am created a show using FX Bending effects (dancing letters) I wanted to >add a border/outline... Read Article


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Decentralized: She got moves! Good job, Ulli 14 hours ago

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