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vincent: Nice ! Tchin Tchin 🥂 🍾 Thank you Alex, i remember... 43 minutes ago

LostBoyz: Thank you Filip, very good! 2 hours ago

komies: Nice to see that a almost 6 year old show can still... 3 hours ago

LostBoyz: Thank you all! 4 hours ago

Ulli: Very beautiful. I like the sparkling glass of wine.... 4 hours ago

Ulli: That's such a beautiful idea. Thank you for sharing,... 4 hours ago

Ulli: Great use of VJ effects. Thank you so much for sharing,... 4 hours ago

LostBoyz: Cool show, thank you Michiel! 4 hours ago

Ulli: As always an extraordinary and great show, LB. 5 hours ago

Ulli: Great show und good use of the Scoreflipper. 5 hours ago

Ulli: This looks great. Thank a lot for sharing, Filip! 5 hours ago

michiel: The font can be downloaded here: 6 hours ago

vincent: Ok michiel, indeed use colourmaps is the solution,... 6 hours ago

michiel: Here's an interesting tutorial vid using templates... 7 hours ago

michiel: More info in the user guide: 7 hours ago

michiel: When you attach a plasma layer, the 1st texture is... 7 hours ago

agpvn: no , i add VJ effect to Layer . 8 hours ago

lightads: Thank PiPPi for the informative tutorial. I never ventured... 9 hours ago

lightads: I see the VJ effect, but how did you add VJ effect... 11 hours ago

agpvn: @lightads : you can open templates see all effect use 12 hours ago

Eddy: Thanks a lot Filip for sharing these hanging letters. 19 hours ago

vincent: Very well done 20 hours ago

lightads: WOW, who would have thought to mix a font with this... 21 hours ago

Filip: Good tips! 21 hours ago

lightads: Thank you for sharing. This show makes good use of... 22 hours ago

erikger: Erstmal Servus Am besten stellst Du deine Fragen damit... a day ago

ID Production: Tip 10 a day ago

ID Production: Tip 9 a day ago

ID Production: Tip 8 a day ago

ID Production: Tip 7 a day ago

ID Production: Tip 6 a day ago

ID Production: Tip 5 a day ago

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