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Grand Designer.

steveg | a week ago | 14 comments

I'm exporting a planet from Grand Designer using the options shown in the attached image. The files... Read Article

Using World Creator 3 Landscapes with BluffTitler.

steveg | 2 weeks ago | 14 comments

Does anyone know how to use World Creator 3 files with BluffTitler? The elements that can be exported... Read Article

Landscapes Directory.

steveg | 3 weeks ago | 6 comments

I'm obviously missing something but I can't work out how to select landscape files in another... Read Article

Attaching a Text Layer to Another Text Layer.

steveg | a month ago | 2 comments

With the Stroked1 show, it has a text layer attached to another text layer. I've been trying to... Read Article

Displaying of Text on Sketch Layer.

steveg | 4 months ago | 11 comments

I have created some text in Affinity Designer and exported it in EPS format. When I add it to BT as... Read Article

Move Layers with Container.

steveg | 6 months ago | 3 comments

I'm creating a type of lower thirds. I have a container that contains a Picture Layer and Text... Read Article

Sand Reveal for Title.

steveg | 7 months ago | 6 comments

Hi, I'm trying to create a show where the title is revealed by sand blowing away, from the left... Read Article

Flares Question.

steveg | 8 months ago | 3 comments

The flares that come with BT are in PNG format but they don't have any transparency. If I add a... Read Article

BixPack Suggestion.

steveg | 8 months ago | 7 comments

Michiel, I have BixPack 20 - Space, 25 - Mission to Mars, and 32 - Moon, among others. I'd like... Read Article

Best Way to Achieve This?

steveg | a year ago | 10 comments

Hi, I'd like to create a scene where an object orbits a planet in an anti-clockwise direction,... Read Article

Using Picture Layer with Drawing Layer.

steveg | a year ago | 2 comments

Hi, I'm experimenting with creating paths for pictures to follow, using Bixelangelo and BluffTitler.... Read Article

BluffTitler and World Creator.

steveg | a year ago | 6 comments

Hi, I'm thinking of buying World Creator Professional (expensive!) and would like to know how easy... Read Article

Landscape Layer?

steveg | a year ago | 2 comments

I have BT 15.1 but when I select Layers/Add Layer I don't see a Landscape Layer. Is it context... Read Article

Camera Tracking.

steveg | a year ago | 3 comments

I'm not sure if the title is the right term. I would like the camera to travel past some planets... Read Article

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