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Alex-Raymond T. | a week ago | 7 comments | 6 likes | 146 views

michiel, SparkyVegas, komies and 3 others like this!

Does not he look happy aboard our Bix?

And by the way:

Is there a way to integrate this assembly into another BluffTitler assembly?
Thank you for your help.

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Super nice. Love the way Bix and the flags wave!

To import a container into another show, press CONTROL M to merge with that other show and delete the layers you're not interested in.

Alternatively you can create a special show that only contains this container and merge with this show. This way you do not have to delete layers afterwards.

michiel, a week ago

Thank you very much Michiel.
Always so fast and nice.

Alex-Raymond T., a week ago

Bravo Super Raymond j'imagine que pour ces 10 secondes il y a un boulot phénoménal. Tout est prévu jusqu'au moindre détail

lecoq, a week ago

Belle animation et Bix a l'air d'être content de voyager en ballon.

vincent, a week ago

Voyages extraordinaires sur Blufftitler , voilà 5 semaines en ballon peut être
que le BIX saute de joie en apercevant au loin le bateau à aube de Vincent .
Belle création Alex-Raymond T

PAT67, 6 days ago

Muy bueno Alex

persiana, 6 days ago

Merci à tous pour vos sympathiques commentaires.

Alex-Raymond T., 3 days ago

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