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Filip | a week ago | 4 comments | 1 like | 147 views

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1. Is it possible to give the particle extra layer properties such as:
Bouncing from, absorbed and or dispersed when touchting the target layer (a Model layer or a Text layer)?
2. In addition is it possible to choose an Particle "Inpact effect" to be sown on the moment of impact?

This sort of possibilities makes the use of Effekseer unnecessary 😁!

I 've tried to use the mirrorlayer as a shield but so far no succes.

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It is a good idea, some particles generators use blockers and deflectors layers.

vincent, a week ago

I also eagerly await Michiel's answer.

komies, a week ago

This is a test what you can do with the Mirror Layer.

Filip, a week ago

I think you are looking for the BOUNCING property:

In the current version, for performance reasons, particles only bounce off the 1st mirror layer. Thank you for your request!

michiel, a week ago

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