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(: made with fonts.

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Excellent show Dani. I really like it. Is the shape (heart) made using fonts? Or .eps


Bald Runner, 9 years ago

Thank you Bald Runner, only wedding rings are eps, heart shape is totally made with fonts.

Dani, 9 years ago

está muy bien dani

persiana, 9 years ago

Very tasteful!

Have you used a custom font? Or can we all download it from

michiel, 9 years ago

Thank you persiana and Michiel.
Hi Michiel, font link,

Dani, 9 years ago

O, wow, that's a very useful font. Thank you for the link!

michiel, 9 years ago

Very Good my Friend!:)

LostBoyz, 9 years ago

Thank you my friend L.B.

Dani, 9 years ago

Hello Dani bello show! ;)
good use of Glitter balls in effect, that comes along with bixpack 13 Introductions :)

Carlos Marques, 9 years ago

this video shows the best effect glitter applied to the sphere.

Carlos Marques, 9 years ago

Thank you Carlos. Yes glitter Dress .fx really awesome.

Dani, 9 years ago

An outstanding show Danni; when are going to have BixPack of your work?


DaveH, 9 years ago

Thank you DaveH, no way DaveH.

Dani, 9 years ago

Very nice, but where do you find the 3D object like rings and associated box please ? Is there any pack for this ? I still did not understand...

Thanks for your help,
Déclic Vidéo

Declic Video, 9 years ago

Thank you Declic Video, rings in eps only , full box is made with fonts only below is the link of the font.

Dani, 9 years ago


Thanks for the help and explanation, I am a beginner with BluffTitler and would like to understand how you manage to achieve this box with font only... Inside you have a kind of texture I imagine, correct ? But for outside, how do you achieve this ? I tried with the fonts mentionned, but did not made anything... :-(

Any small hint would be very much appreciated, anyway it's marvelous what you done !


Declic Video, 9 years ago

i will try to explain
i think for box i used tally 6 or 7 layers of heart shape font,
for bottom box, base is texture i used satin cloth with "round bevel" for this .
borders top and bottom i used "tubular round" for top also i use the same,
take one heart shape font copy that to 5 or 6 and give them shape of a box playing around properties like text size or character size properties,
for bottom and top apply textures like satin, sorry for my English,

Dani, 9 years ago

Oh my godness, that is crazy, I understand... But I will never be able to reproduce such a wonderful title like that... :-(

Thanks for the explanation,

Declic Video, 9 years ago

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