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Oleg Loshchagin | 8 years ago | 13 comments | 10 likes | 4,732 views

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This interview (in Russian) is an example of using Bluff Titler in the field of secondary education.

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Oleg, thanks for sharing! :-)
Very nice example of using Bluff Titler! :-)
Can I ask your email address?


irina1208, 8 years ago

Great intro!

vincent, 8 years ago

Fantastic work, Oleg!!! *Thumbs Up* :-)

Sascha Theel, 8 years ago

Dear Irina, Vincent, and Sascha,
Thank you for the warm comments!
Bluff Titler could be also used as a really good tool in study projects. I've recommended the software to all my colleagues.
My e-mail address

Oleg Loshchagin, 8 years ago

Oleg, thanks for your email, I will write to you!

Irina :-)

irina1208, 8 years ago

Fascinating use of Blufftitler, I'd like to know more.
Need someone's help to translate the featured PDF document link to English. Google translate doesn't seem to be able to handle a PDF document and my converters cannot OCR to text. With thanks Stephen

maxste, 8 years ago

Hi Stephen,
Thank you for your kind words!
In the article, I tried to show how Bluff Titler could be applied for educational purposes. I believe the program will be getting more and more popular in schools.

Oleg Loshchagin, 8 years ago

Thank you Oleg.

maxste, 8 years ago

One more video.

Oleg Loshchagin, 8 years ago

Creative use of the BixPack templates. Excellent work, thanks for sharing!

michiel, 8 years ago

Oleg, in the first video, how did you isolate the person (is it you?) from the background? was it using a green screen (chroma key) or some other method?
It is excellent.

Thank you for sharing.

Mark ADams

Bald Runner, 8 years ago

Dear Michiel and Mark, thank you for your comments!
I used a green chroma key to get such a video. In BixPack 1, there is a layer TALENT that is matched with the effect GreenScreen.fx. The effect makes the chroma key transparent.

Oleg Loshchagin, 8 years ago


Thank you. Your reply is appreciated.
Best Wishes


Bald Runner, 8 years ago

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