NextPreviousHomeAny chance of a Cinematic Title Pack ?

MannyM00 | a year ago | 4 comments | 2 likes | 323 views

ID Production and Dani like this!

Any chance of a Cinematic Title Pack ?


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Very good idea!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Those intros are pretty easy to reproduce in BluffTitler. If there's a specific effect you have trouble with please don't hesitate to ask for help in this community. Try to be as specific as possible, for example: "how do you do the lighting effect in this video at 4:45"

Maybe you are impressed by the beautiful fonts. Never underestimate the power of a well chosen font. It's an easy way to make your titles look better. The templates that come with the installer all use the Arial font not because it's such a beautiful font, but because it comes with Windows and in this way prevents 'could not find font' error messages.

Most asked question number 4 gives a list of font sites:

michiel, a year ago

Thanks Michiel,

I like all the intro's, if a pack with cinematic intros did come out im sure it would sell well.

MannyM00, a year ago

I would like to see a pack as such also. Would purchase something like this.

brntguy, a year ago

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