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ID Production and michiel like this!

I did add a badly played soundtrack, but it was just too awful even for this spoof !

Happy BluffTitling !

Video updated: 10/01/2017 [16:33 GMT]

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Can Mauro have this improved version for his 4 minute long outro so he can edit this?
I think he will be very appreciative.

komies | 5 months ago

Congratulations Selina, your video is remarkable. Any help would be very appreciatted.
Komies, once again, thank you very much for your kindly support.

Mauro | 5 months ago


Will you be using Vegas to comp your titles? If so, to save on resources you can create one video of the warped stars (background) and as many videos as necessary for your credit roll overlays.

In my example above, I used one text layer for the right-aligned text and another for the left-aligned (you may also need a third for centre-aligned text if applicable). It would be possible to use different font sizes, but careful calculation of line spacing would be necessary... (perhaps a topic for another day(?))

Each text layer must have the same number of lines, say 50. Most people use a text editor to create their titles, but I suggest using a spreadsheet - that way you will always get the correct number of lines when importing your text into BluffTitler.

If I was to do this 'professionally' I would consider using XML for the titles and let the show loop through each iteration. By the way, 4 minutes of credits seems a long time for an amateur production???

Selina | 5 months ago

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