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LostBoyz | 10 months ago | 6 comments | 3 likes | 323 views

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Hi Michiel!

Possible creation of such an particle effect in this video?

Thank you!

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Sound controled effect parameters would be GREAT

vincent | 10 months ago

It can be done now, but just manually and not dynamically based on sound thanks to the new time dilation setting.

Off topic:

If the earth was caught in a time dilation field where time moves faster, How would we know it?

komies | 10 months ago

Time is elastic.....

vincent | 10 months ago

Thank you for your request. The plan is to build a system that allows you to connect any property to the audio volume. In this case I think connecting the TIME DILATION property of the particle layer will do the trick.

michiel | 10 months ago

Great!!! Michiel you are THE BOSS here.

vincent | 10 months ago

Fantastic! :))) Thank you!

LostBoyz | 10 months ago

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