For coders only

This page is only meant for software engineers. You do not have to understand anything on this page in order to play a BluffTitler show. Click here to learn how to play a show


The BluffTitler executable accepts the following arguments:

[<PATH>] [/X=<CONTENT>] [/F] [/L] [/S] [/Q] [/W=<HWND>] [/O=<ORDER>]
<PATH>The .bt show file or .btpl playlist. It also accepts a picture, a video or a 3D model file.
/X=<CONTENT>Plays the show with this content file
/SSuppress error messages
/QQuit after playing
/W=<HWND>Plays the show in a child window of <HWND> (unsigned decimal number)
/O=RPlays all shows in the show folder in a loop, in random order
/O=APlays all shows in the show folder in a loop, in alphabetical order
/WIDTH=<WIDTH>Sets the horizontal resolution
/HEIGHT=<HEIGHT>Sets the vertical resolution
/PAR=<PAR>Sets the pixel aspect ratio
/QUALITY=<QUALITY>Sets the quality. (0 for low, 1 for normal and 2 for high)
/TThread safe
/?Displays all options

System integration

You can integrate BluffTitler in your own system with code like this:

MString Parameters = "\"" + mPath_Show + "\" /Q /W=\" + MString((int)inWindow); 
ShellExecute(NULL, L"open", mPath_BluffTitlerExecutable, Parameters, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);