Alphabix is a Windows app for converting colour fonts

The result can be used in BluffTitler and webpages.

Create colour fonts with Alphabix

What is a colour font?

A colour font is a font in which every glyph is a picture. Other names for colour fonts are bitmap fonts, multi-coloured fonts, chromatic fonts, photo fonts, picture fonts, image fonts, raster fonts, texture fonts and handmade fonts.

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Convert vector fonts into colour fonts

Alphabix can convert any TrueType, OpenType and Type 1 font installed on your system.

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Replace glyphs by pictures

Any glyph can be replaced by any PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF or JPG picture. Alpha channels are correctly imported.

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Glyphs editor

In the glyphs dialog you can set the spacing for every glyph as well as the baseline and the cap height.

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Kerning editor

In the kerning dialog you can adjust the spacing between specific pairs.

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Import OpenType-SVG colour fonts

Choose FILE > New... to import an OpenType-SVG colour font. Mark the Colour font checkbox.

Download OpenType-SVG colour fonts

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Import Photofonts

Choose FILE > Import Photofont... to import a Photofont (.PhF).

Download Photofonts

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Use colour fonts in BluffTitler

Colour fonts created by Alphabix can be used by the text and scroller layers of BluffTitler. Click on the Select colour font... button in the font dialog(<F6>) to select a colour font.

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Export as HTML

Choose FILE > Export as HTML to export your font for use on a website. The Alphabix Javascript renderer works in any HTML5 compatible browser on desktops, tablets and phones.

Try the Mardou font in your browser

Try the Bix font in your browser

Export as letter cubes cut-outs

Alphabix can create cut-outs for letter cubes. Just enter the names you would like to write and the cut-outs are generated fully automatically. The algorithm has been optimized to write as many names with as little cubes.

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User guide

The user guide can be found here.