Bixelangelo is a Windows desktop app for creating sketches and ornaments for use in BluffTitler

Bixelangelo generates drawings in a wide range of styles including ornaments, filigrees, flourishes, curls and swirls.

Create ornaments with Bixelangelo

The ornaments in the below video have all been created with Bixelangelo and rendered with BluffTitler.

To play and render the BixPack templates you do not require Bixelangelo. You only need Bixelangelo if you want to create your own ornaments.

Create handwritten sketches with Bixelangelo


Bixelangelo records your handwritten sketches/texts and exports them in the EPS format for use in the sketch layer of BluffTitler.

Choose LAYER > Add Layer > Add Sketch Layer... to create a new sketch layer.

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Attach picture

A picture layer can be attached to the sketch layer. The attached picture follows the path of the sketch.

Choose LAYER > Attach Layer > Attach Picture to active Layer... to attach a picture layer.

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Attach particle

By attaching a particle layer to your sketch you can create a nice glow.

Choose LAYER > Attach Layer > Attach Particles to active Layer... to attach a particle layer.

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Create ornaments with Bixelangelo


Bixelangelo can generate drawings in a wide range of styles including ornaments, filigrees, flourishes, curls and swirls. Every time you click on the Generate button, a new random sketch is generated. The output can be animated in BluffTitler.

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Decorated ornaments

The ornaments can be decorated with coloured borders and black outlines.

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Branches can have a wide range of shapes. The branch editor offers lots of presets but also allows you to draw and import your own shapes.

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Tree structure

Every branch can sprout a new branch. Parents can have children, grand children, great-grandchildren,...

Every generation can have its own branch settings.

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Every branch can have a bitmap flower that pops up when the branch has been rendered. Bixelangelo offers presets for Azalias, Buttercups, Camellias, Clematises, Daisies, Dandelions, Lilies, Papavers, Rododendrons and Tulips.

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Free demo

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