Bixelangelo is a Windows app for making 2D & 3D curves for use in BluffTitler

Use Bixelangelo to create logos, handwritten texts, flight paths, roller coasters, tunnels, arrows, spaghetti strings,...


Bixelangelo is a vector editing app. It has been designed for creating EPS files for use in the vector and sketch layers of BluffTitler.

Typical use include:

  • logos
  • shapes
  • handwritten texts
  • drawings
  • flight paths
  • roller coasters
  • swimming pool slides
  • mountain roads
  • tunnels

A different kind of vector editing app

Bixelangelo is different from vector editing apps like Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer and Bohemian Coding Sketch in the following ways:

  • It's 3D!
  • The sketch has a beginning and a direction. This is irrelevant for static shapes and print, but vital for animated handwritten texts and roller coasters.
  • The sketch has roll (tangent) information. This is required for creating corkscrews, Immelmann loops and to lean in the corners.
  • It generates BluffTitler show files to get you started!

Lines & outlines

The sketch can be rendered as a solid shape by the vector layer, or as a 3D curve by the sketch layer.

Visible & invisible

The sketch can be used on its own or as an invisible animation path for text, picture, model, camera and other layer types.


All examples have been designed in Bixelangelo and rendered in BluffTitler

Handwritten texts

Bixelangelo records your handwritten sketches/texts and exports them in the EPS format for use in the sketch layer of BluffTitler.

Bixelangelo generates the BluffTitler show files to get you started.

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Roller coasters

Bixelangelo offers standard elements like a looping, a corkscrew and a batwing to quicky design complex roller coasters.

Bixelangelo generates the BluffTitler show files to get you started. Learn more

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Use Bixelangelo to design shapes to build complex models inside BluffTitler.

Choose LAYER > Add Layer > Add vector Layer... to add a new vector layer.

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Bixelangelo is fully 3D!

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User guide

The user guide can be found here.