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The following 45 template packs are available:

Rolling Wheels

45 | Rolling Wheels

BixPack 45 explores the power of the auto rolling wheels and caterpillar treads (continuous tracks). Move the layer and your wheels and caterpillars are animated automagically! It uses a dark, sinister game style with dirty textures (rusty metal, grimy concrete and rough asphalt), spectacular explosions, fast camera switching and distortion effects. Colour, normal, specular and cube maps are used for realistic PBR.

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Stage Lights

44 | Stage Lights

Put your texts, pictures, photos, NFT trading cards, videos and QR codes in the spotlights with BixPack 44. Produce spectacular light shows with an array of moving head beams. Animate the rigged 3D models with forward/inverse kinematics and automated beam patterns. Spice up your scenes with dancer silhouettes, special effect smoke, mirrors, flares, spotlights, particles, lighting trusses and concert hall/club backgrounds!

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Robotic Arms

43 | Robotic Arms

BixPack 43 explores the possibilities of the new Robotic arm layer: forward and inverse kinematics, picking up and moving texts, writing (handwritten) texts and tracing logos. Perform scary biomechanical experiments with spiders, centipedes and mammals. 10 ready to use robotic arm models are included as well as a spider body and a Bix controlled UFO!

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42 | Quadcopter

Explore the universe with your fully personalizable quadcopter in six exciting scenes: a pop stage, a jungle, a flower field, an island, an open sea and a Mars canyon. Enjoy the highly detailed textures, height maps & 3D models!

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41 | Titles

The Titles pack offers simple, abstract and useful title templates for all your videos. All templates have a transparent background: add a picture, add a video or export with alpha channel.

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Big Data

40 | Big Data

The Big Data pack offers tech templates featuring UTP cables, routers, chips, circuit boards, motherboards, flight paths, tunnels and control panels. The cables and links are implemented as sketch layers. The templates are spiced up with bloom, flares, particle and light effects!

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Dinos and Dragons

39 | Dinos and Dragons

The Dinos and Dragons pack offers six fully animatable 3D models of prehistoric (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous) dinosaurs and pterosaurs in a fresh cartoon style: a Diplodocus, a Stegosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex), a Velociraptor, a Pteranodon and a Tropeognathus. The models can be personalized with a single, easy to edit texture.

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38 | Stingers

Stingers are short videos that start fully transparent, animate into a full overlay and end invisible as well. This way they can be used as a fancy transition between 2 clips. The Stingers pack offers 40 energetic, colourful stinger transition templates. Exported as a transparent video, they can be used in all NLEs including Magix VEGAS, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Grass Valley EDIUS.

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37 | Wings

The Wings pack turns your texts into logos by decorating them with wings, stars and swash tails. A huge collection of shapes is included and BluffTitler makes them work with all your fonts! The Wings pack offers fullscreen templates, as well as transparent lower thirds that can be rendered on top of your video backgrounds.

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Breaking News

36 | Breaking News

BixPack 36 offers breaking news templates. Use them to inform the world, your family, your friends or your company! The Breaking News pack features templates with opaque as well as transparent backgrounds.

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Video Bumpers

35 | Video Bumpers

BixPack 35 offers 30 video bumpers. All templates start and end with a fully transparent screen. This way they can easily be overlayed on top of your videos. As a special feature, all templates are offered in 2 styles: clean flat design & subtle 3D.

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Season's Greetings

34 | Season's Greetings

This is a very special pack. Six designers from six different countries have teamed up to create the ultimate season's greetings video template pack: Christmas, New Year, Three Kings and Kwanzaa! Surprise your family, friends and business partners with an original, personal holiday video or greeting card. The latest version of this pack automatically updates the year!

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City Lights

33 | City Lights

The City Lights pack uses the new Interiormap effect to create high-tech skyscrapers. Render your own content on the huge digital signage screens (LED facades) integrated in the buildings! The pack has been fully remastered with improved textures, colours, fonts and camera movements.

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32 | Moon

The moon pack offers 30 (+11 bonus!) Moon templates. Fly in low Moon orbit over the Aristarchus crater, experience Earthrise and visit the Apollo landing sites. Play around with the high resolution colour and displacement maps of the Moon and the Earth!

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Lower Thirds

31 | Lower Thirds

The lower thirds pack offers elegant animated overlays in a clean and modern style. The templates use subtle animated background photos, but can also be exported with transparency info to overlay them onto your videos in your NLE.

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30 | Screens

The screens pack features six 3D models: arcade, billboard, phone, monitor, TV and old TV. Vivid colours fill the screens while the camera zooms in and out, jumping to fresh new worlds!

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Sea Monsters

29 | Sea Monsters

The sea monsters pack features six cephalopod 3D models ranging from prehistoric (Ordovician period) cameroceras/orthoceras and ammonoid to modern day kraken, post-human robots and esoteric abstracts. The new octopus effect brings them all to life: animating their arms, shining their suckers, blinking their eyes and rendering their skin.

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28 | Flowers

The flowers pack offers six high quality flower models: a Daisy, Buttercup, Forget-me-not, Gerbera, Poppy and a Water lily. 2 grass models make the scenes complete. The 30 (+ 9 bonus!) templates bring the 3D models to life!

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Jam, Jelly and Juice

27 | Jam, Jelly and Juice

BixPack 27 offers colourful abstract backgrounds: bubbling blobs, sweet jelly, wavy water, melting chocolade, colour gradients, colour transitions and more eye candy. The duration, speed and colours can easily be adjusted to suit any project.

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Roller coasters

26 | Roller coasters

BixPack 26 offers 30 roller coaster templates. Make your titles ride spectacular roller coasters built out of loops, cobra rolls, hammerhead turns, batwings,... A wide variation of camera views including 1st person, 3rd person and drone view show the roller coasters from their best angles.

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Mission to Mars

25 | Mission to Mars

BixPack 25 offers 30 (+10 bonus!) Mars templates. Visit Mars's highlights including Valles Marineris, Olympus Mons, Arsia Mons and its moon Phobos. Play around with terraforming and personalise the rocket ship with your own name and flag!

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Vlog Intros

24 | Vlog Intros

BixPack 24 offers 30 (+10 bonus!) vlog intros in a clean, modern web design style. The emoji characters require Windows 10, but can easily be replaced by ordinary characters on older systems.

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DJ Markruz

23 | DJ Markruz

BixPack 23 offers 30 templates for all your DJ/VJ performances & party videos. The DJ pack comes with 9 audio tracks and six 3D models including a DJ console, headphones and ear plugs. More models like the speakers, the audio jacks and the spotlights have been created in BluffTitler with vector layers.

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Dutch skies

22 | Dutch skies

BixPack 22 is inspired by the air, water and light of Holland. It comes with 16 360° photos of Dutch skies, offering a wide variation of cloud types. 30 ready to use templates demonstrate the possibilities of mixing 360° photography with 3D graphics!

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21 | Candy

The Candy pack offers 30 sweet templates featuring high quality 3D models of donuts, muffins, candy canes, gingerbreads, ice creams, strawberries, bonbons and more!

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20 | Space

The Space pack offers 30 space templates: earth, moon, exoplanets, ice planets, magma planets, meteors and nebulae.

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Love and Wedding

19 | Love and Wedding

The Love & Wedding pack offers 30 romantic video templates. Surprise your Valentine, your partner, your family and friends with a personal video. Make your Valentine's card as mysterious as you want: sign with your photo, your silhouette or use no photo.

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Christmas and New Year

18 | Christmas and New Year

BixPack 18 offers 30 Christmas and New Year templates. Surprise your family, friends and clients with a personal Christmas video! The latest version of this pack automatically updates the year!

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17 | Happy

BixPack 17 offers 30 happy templates for all your titles and intro videos in a clean, professional style. Some are 2D, some are subtle 3D and others are dizzying 3D!

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16 | Newsrooms

BixPack 16 offers 30 templates for all your news updates. Whether you would like to send out a global news flash or would like to show your friends your new pet, the Newsrooms pack offers the template to introduce the story!

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Sound Systems

15 | Sound Systems

BixPack 15 offers 30 templates, happily jumping to the beat. The six included intro tunes (MP3) have been created by Miniasola specifically for the sound systems pack. Just like the other media files, they can be used on a royalty free basis for all your projects!

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14 | Broadcast

BixPack 14 offers 30 (+ 7 bonus!) commercial TV style broadcast templates. The six scenes are: clock, coming next, countdown, lower third, overlay and talkshow. Whether you are a hobby user or own a TV network, the broadcast pack helps you to give your video productions that professional look!

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13 | Introductions

BixPack 13 offers 30 templates to introduce your friend, your client or yourself to the world. Next to a name, you can communicate a web address, a slogan, a photo and a picture of your product!

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12 | Lists

BixPack 12 offers 30 ready to use templates for all your lists. Do you want to present the champions of your sporting event? Your best selling products? Or thank your best friend forever? Scenes include the number 1 in the world, top 3 scoreboards, top 5 countdowns and top 10 leaderboards.

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11 | Party

BixPack 11 offers 30 ready to use templates for your party. The pack covers all party aspects: inviting your friends, a countdown, welcoming them, introducing the DJs, displaying messages and thanking everyone at the end. The party pack comes with 10 animated party silhouettes.

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Splines in Space

10 | Splines in Space

BixPack 10 offers spectacular 3D splines, shields, billboards and planets all flying through outer space. The splines pack comes with a collection of 3D splines for use in the sketch layer, powerful reflection maps and colourful flares!

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9 | Emotions

BixPack 9 offers 30 templates, expressing the following six emotions: love, hope, happiness, excitement, fear and anger. To visualise this roller coaster of emotions a wide range of clever tricks is used for you to explore!

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Dust, Dirt and Destruction

8 | Dust, Dirt and Destruction

BixPack 8 offers 30 (+ 1 bonus!) templates full of dust, dirt, destruction, rust, cracks, explosions, splashes, bugs, blood, smoke and bullets. The destruction pack comes with 30 full HD textures, 10 awesome 3D models and 2 creepy animated bugs.

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Glitz and Glam

7 | Glitz and Glam

BixPack 7 offers six glamorous scenes that make your texts and pictures shine like supermodels. The glitz and glam pack comes with 14 specially designed 3D models (including a headphone, a microphone and a spotlight) and features spectacular reflection and colour maps.

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Shine and Glow

6 | Shine and Glow

BixPack 6 offers six super shiny scenes: arena, control room, pyramid, shaft, alert system and dancing fool. The 30 templates feature spectacular neon light shows in virtual studios, making your texts and pictures look like superstars in a TV show!

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5 | Sports

BixPack 5 offers six sport scenes including spectacular stadiums, 3D score boards, billboards and sport shields. The sports pack comes with more than 50 colourful, extremely powerful and very effective reflection maps!

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Lights, Camera, Action

4 | Lights, Camera, Action

BixPack 4 offers the following six scenes: fame, firestorm, intensity, star catcher, storm chaser and world premier. The 30 templates feature charming fonts, enchanting particles and spectacular light effects!

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Home Videos

3 | Home Videos

BixPack 3 offers home video templates for six events: birth, birthday, wedding, sport, holiday and party. The templates are relatively simple, making it easy to adjust them to your own taste.

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2 | Ornaments

BixPack 2 offers six ornament styles: street art, flowers, fantasy, arrows, king of bling and pink & purple. 30 ready to use templates show the power of the BluffTitler ornaments system.

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Virtual Studios

1 | Virtual Studios

BixPack 1 offers six virtual studios: a news studio, a sport studio, a quiz show, a talent show, a science fiction environment and an architectural scene. 30 ready to use templates show the possibilities of the studios.

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