Sketch layer

What can I do with the sketch layer?

With the sketch layer you can render animated handwritten texts and sketches.

How do I create a sketch layer?

Choose LAYER > Add layer > Add sketch layer... to create a new sketch layer.

The new sketch layer can be selected from the layers dropdown to make it the active layer.


The installer comes with shows demonstrating the possibilities of the sketch layer. Choose FILE > Open show... and select a show from the BluffTitler/Media/Shows/Sketch folder.

To quickly switch between your own shows and the ones that come with the installer, click on the Personal and App buttons in the upper right corner of the file dialog.


The sketch layer can render EPS files recorded by Bixelangelo.

You can load another sketch by choosing MEDIA > Change EPS....


You can set the radius of the sketch with the Radius property.


You can animate the sketch with the Writer property.

Attach picture layer

You can attach a picture by choosing LAYER > Attach layer > Attach picture to active layer....

Attach text layer

You can attach a text by choosing LAYER > Attach layer > Attach text to active layer.

Bitmap tracer

Bitmap tracer

Next to EPS files, the sketch layer also accepts bitmaps, like PNG, BMP, TGA and GIF files. The picture is automatically traced and turned into a vector.

You can trace another picture by choosing MEDIA > Change EPS....

Input picture

Best results are achieved when using a logo on a transparent background with a resolution of about 2000 pixels without small details at the edges. For logos without round edges the resolution can be smaller.


You can improve the quality by tracing a higher resolution picture.

The sketch layer also listens to the SETTINGS > Low/Normal/High quality menus.

Sketch layer style 1


The sketch is drawn as a flat, 2D line.


The sketch is drawn as a straight, 3D line.


The sketch is drawn with bevels.


The sketch is drawn as a round, 3D tube.

Sketch layer style 2

Attached layers point upwards

Attached layer always point upwards.

Attached layers follow sketch

Attached layers follow the curves of the sketch.

Sketch layer properties


The position of the sketch.


The rotation of the sketch.


The size of the sketch.


The radius of the tube of the sketch. The 1st slider controls the radius at the centre and the 2nd slider at the start and end points.


The diffuse colour of the sketch.

Specular colour

The colour used for specular highlights. If this property is (0,0,0), the diffuse colour is used as the specular colour.


The size of the specular highlights.


The transparency of the sketch.


The extra displacement of the last point.


Animates the sketch. 1st slider controls the end position, 2nd slider the start position. (in analogy with the same property of the text layer)

Texture position, Texture size

The position and size of the texture.

Depth bias

This property can be used to solve sorting problems.