BIXPACK 15 - Sound Systems

BixPack 15 offers 30 templates, happily jumping to the beat. The six included intro tunes (MP3) have been created by Miniasola specifically for the sound systems pack. Just like the other media files, they can be used on a royalty free basis for all your projects!

All texts, pictures, photos and MP3 files can be replaced with your own.

All templates can be rendered in any resolution up to full HD, 4K and higher.

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The Sound Systems pack costs € 29.95

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The Sound Systems pack offers 30 ready to use BluffTitler templates with a total duration of 5 minutes and 54 seconds.

Total duration5:54
Average template duration0:12

System requirements

The Sound Systems pack requires BluffTitler version 11.2 or higher.


The Sound Systems pack uses the following 7 fonts:

4Arial BlackStandard Windows font
6ButtonButton AOE
7Neon 80s


The promo video of the Sound Systems pack uses the following music (included in the pack):

1Sound SystemsOuterspace Software


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Font design

Angie Durbin

Dimitri Castrique

Nirmal Biswas

Template design

Carlos Marques

3D character design

Metin Seven

Font design


Dharma Type

Essque Productions

Audio design


Photo model

Cathelijne Wassenaar

Photo model photography

Stefan Witte

Direction and production

Michiel den Outer


Outerspace Software

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