BIXPACK 3 - Home Videos

BixPack 3 offers home video templates for six events: birth, birthday, wedding, sport, holiday and party. The templates are relatively simple, making it easy to adjust them to your own taste. BixPack 3 offers a total of 30 templates and 23 models including a teddy bear, a birthday cake, a sport trophy and a party hat. The models are also kept simple to make it easy to reuse them in your own shows!

All texts, pictures and photos can be replaced with your own.

All templates can be rendered in any resolution up to full HD, 4K and higher.


The Home Videos pack costs € 29.95

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The Home Videos pack offers 31 ready to use BluffTitler templates with a total duration of 2 minutes and 47 seconds.

Templates311 BONUS TEMPLATE!
Total duration2:47
Average template duration0:05

System requirements

The Home Videos pack requires BluffTitler version 8.2 or higher.


The Home Videos pack uses the following 4 fonts:

2Digs My Hart
4Times New RomanStandard Windows font


The promo video of the Home Videos pack uses the following music (not included in the pack):

1Childrens OrchestraPartners In Rhyme


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Template design

Ernst Hulshoff

3D model design

Menno Seegers

3D character design

Metin Seven

Font design

George Edward Purdy

Kevin and Amanda


Audio design

Partners In Rhyme

Direction and production

Michiel den Outer


Outerspace Software

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