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NextPreviousHomeProblem getting text to follow photos in

JCB | 2 years ago | 4 comments | 1 like | 562 views

michiel likes this!

I want to add text with the photos in the template I added one as a test and used the same parameters as the photo that I want it to be with. The first rotation is fine, but the second rotation is different. The photos all remain facing towards the camera. The photos have a rotation from 0 to -360 for the second rotation. However, the text doesn't remain facing the camera when I use the same thing: 0 to -360 from 10s to the end. The text is in the same container as the photos. (BT

How do I get the text to stay towards the camera for the second rotation?

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Set the Physics dropdown to Accelerate and decelerate for the text layer.

Because the Picture is also set to this Physics effect.

komies, 2 years ago


That was too simple! I should have seen that but, that's inexperience for you. I checked everything but the Physics Effects.

Thank you,

JCB, 2 years ago

I think it actually looks very nice. Much more interesting than a text glued to its picture.

You should cherish and exploit "errors" like this!

michiel, 2 years ago

Hi Michiel,

Serendipity. You are quite right, of course. I liked the effect and realized that working with this "error" as a starting point would help draw attention to the text. The text should disappear when the image moves to the back, and my error succeeded in doing this.

However, I was trying to reproduce something similar to what someone was asking for on the Vegas forum. There is text shown just below the photos and I just wanted to try getting the text to follow the image to show that it could be done.

I must spend more time with BT.

JCB, 2 years ago

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