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NextPreviousHomeHow To Fade in an Image?

daithi | a year ago | 9 comments | 351 views

Here's a simple Show question. How can I make an image fade in after .. say 4 seconds?

I'm using Version


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Select the image layer and adjust transparency towards '0' to start then got to the 4 sec mark, insert another key frame, keeping transparency at '0' then move to where you want full transparency and adjust it back to 1.

That's how I would do it anyway. Maybe there's an easier method that I don't know about.

MrGruntHunter, a year ago

Thanks MrGruntHunter. Yeah I managed to eventually get an image to fade in and then to fade out, but it's not exactly a very intuitive process. Generally it tends to fade OUT the images. Its titled under the term 'Transparency', which is not really what I'm trying to.

Having to work 'backwards' to get a simple Fade In can get a bit headwrecking. I wish there was descent manual for this program, I do see its potential. But to hide this Fade In, which is a very basic fundamental in a software Graphics/Video program like this, is a mystery to me.

A request here for BluffTitler. Add in 2 effects, one called 'FADE IN' and the other called 'FADE OUT', with the appropriate time functions. Keep it simple. Here's an example of what I'm trying to achieve here:

So say I want an image to fadein at 4 seconds in a show, and then FadeOut at 10 second, and then have a second image FadeIn at 13 seconds and fade out at 20 seconds.

daithi, a year ago

I think you’re confusing BluffTitler with a video editor, Fade IN or Fade OUT can't be an effect, at most a preset, no need effect for that.

vincent, a year ago

Hmm I'm playing around with fading images in and out during a Show. Its truly headwrecking to say the least. Can't someone at BluffTitler make a clear tutorial with a voiceover explaining how to do this. In steps:

Step #1: do this
Step #2: do this
Step #3: do this

I should add to that:

I want an image to fadein at 4 seconds in a show, show at full 'power', and THEN FadeOut fully at 10 seconds. And THEN have a second image FadeIn at 13 seconds and fade out at 20 seconds.

I don't want the images to fade while they are showing at full 'power'. Just a QUICK standard Fade In, then a standard Fade Out.

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious here.

daithi, a year ago


Confusing BluffTitler with a video editor?

Ok well if Fade In and Out can't be an effect, well make it a preset if necessary.

Why does everything have to be so complicated and unexplained with this program?

daithi, a year ago

Fading a picture in and out by animating its transparency is a standard keyframe animation technique.

Realize that once you know how to animate 1 property, you can animate them all: positions, colours, rotations... That allows you to be very creative. Much more creative than a fade dialog.

Here's a keyframe tutorial.

Every layer has its own keyframe animation, so the other picture is another picture layer with its own keyframe animation.

Does this answer your questions?

michiel, a year ago

on a pic layer if you want a fadeIN starting at 3 sec during 2 sec set transparency to 1 at sec 3:00 on timeline then set transparency to 0 at sec 5:00 if you want a crossfade add 2nd pic layer with inverted values for transparency. When i say you are confusing with NLE i mean BT handles a lot of types of layers with very different property so you can't fade in/out so easily than a NLE which handles only sound and image (or video)

vincent, a year ago

Ok guys thanks for your help. I'm starting to make headway with it, but it is so unintuitive, its pretty maddening tbh. But yup getting there slowly. And I'm very familiar with using 'art' related programs and software. I actually have an Adobe Cert for Photoshop, and if you can get through an Adobe program , it can make other programs seem easy :). BluffTitler not unfortunately.

I'll stick with it, I do like it and find it useful. I'll be back as Arnie might say ...

thanx again, appreciated

daithi, a year ago

Once you know some basics BT is very easy to use
In my opinion there 3 points to know:

- layers usage and understand 3D placement in the main window
- timeline keys usage (to anime)
- Effects usage for textures, reflections, heightmaps and some extra effects

vincent, a year ago

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